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    Keeping a good Super hero cliche can be fun, trying to keep it original, well, you can play all you want, but usually its already been done... I think this applies for many genres.
All I can say is... Oh Well.




    Enter Gryph, his name long forgotten, he beckons from a Heroic World, also long forgotten.  All we know is that he is an alien very reminiscent of our worlds Gargoyles, if not for the incredible ability to glide on wings, he even holds the ability to turn to a stone like state and use an uncanny chameleon blending power.

    He carries with him his worlds superior knowledge of technology.  Presumable he was banned to Earth for one reason or another, alas, time has forgotten him, and his kind lives a long long time.

    Gryph is what we will call him, being bound to Earth, in a time when humans are still struggling with the idea of alien life, he must maintain a very low profile.  Inherently due to his hidden past, he carries with him some inner burden, which all the while seeking a way off this planet, he is forced into finding redemption.