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(Racial Character Classification)
(Upaunt snd Sothis)
  • IQ: 3D6+2
  • ME: 4D6
  • MA: 4D6
  • PS: 4D6
  • PP: 3D6
  • PE: 5D6+2
  • PB: 3D6
  • Spd: 4D6

(Sepdet attributes)

  • IQ: 4D6
  • ME: 5D6
  • MA: 3D6
  • PS: 2D6
  • PE: 5D6
  • PP: 4D6
  • PB: 3D6+2
  • Spd: 5D6

Upaunt and Sothis
~ Medium Build
~ Small Build

Size Level:
Upaunt and Sothis
- Male: 10 / Female: 8

- Male: 8 / Female: 7


Differences Between
the Sub-Species

You will have noticed by now that there is a very fine difference between certain species within the
Anubis class.
This is to be expected. The Sepdet subspecies is very different from the rest of the Anubis. It possesses almost a fully seperate genetic strain. Why then is it classified under the same name as the other two species of Anubis?

Simply put the entire race of Anubis Species are so close genetically that they could almost reproduce between sub-species. Why this is is a mystery. Physically they are very much different in many ways. Yet there binds among them a common code sequence so intertwined in their very makeup that they essentially are the same species. Much like variations in skin color of humans such is the case with these creatures.

One scientist noted; It is natures way of building upon a new species, an attempt to correct a population need, for a species to survive.



Natural Ablities:

Natural: Swimming
(60+5% / level exp)
Advanced: Hearing
Range: 1dB - 75ft / 10 dB - 150ft / 30 dB - 360ft
Judge: Distance (60 +5%) / Movement (50 +5%)
Identify (40 +5%)
Advanced: Smell
Range: 120ft
Judge: Toxin (50 +5%) / Person - Emotion (50 +5%)
Identify (70 +4%)
Tracking: 60 +5% (This is not the Skill)
Claws: Small Claws on feet and hands (1D4 SDC)
Canine Teeth / Lock Jaws:
Bite does: 2D4 SDC +1D4 / melee hold
Damage from lock jaw will be double if the victim strugles to break free.
Fear Strike: (Horror Factor)
When using this unique ability the Anubis gain a Horror Factor of 12. The victim loses initiative and one attack for that round. This ability can only be used once per attacker.


Special Abilities:

Alter Metabolism
The greatest advantage built into these hunters is their inner workings and ability to survive. One of the most feared abilities of these creatures, thus given their ancient stereotype for delivering people from and to the dead.

Resist Fatigue:
(48 +8 hours / level)
Resist Hunger/Thirst:
(1 day / level)
Calm Self:
(+4 vs. HF / +4 vs. to Mental Endurance Rolls)
Adrenaline Rush:
+4 PS \par +2 Initiative / +1 Attack /
+1 strike, parry, dodge
Duration: 1 melee / level
After effects: (1 hour)
-1 Initiative, strike, parry, dodge
Half all Physical Abilities and Bonuses
Half Toxic effects
+2 Initiative / +2 Attacks
+5 strike / +4 parry and dodge
+2 Damage
Spd x3
Duration: 3 melee / level
After effects: (2 hours)
-2 Initiative, strike, parry, dodge
Spd reduce (-20%)
Accelerated Healing:
Bonus +15 SDC
Normal Healing x2 (No Scarring)
Instantly Heal 14 SDC / 7 HP (Once every 12 hours)
After effect: (1 hour)
-1 Initiative / Spd reduce (-10%)

Healing Touch
This allows the Anubi to release healing chemicals (Neural Transmitters) from themselves onto a hurt or injured person. This allows for the Bast to heal using their accelerated healing abilities. (above)

Heal Others
The Anubi can only heal others once every
12 hours, and can not heal themself after healing another, for the same time.
All After effects remain the same on the individual being healed as they are for the Anubi.
Affect Emotions
Using special pheromones and endorphines the Anubi can also affect anothers emotional state, calming or sedating them. Same as Calm self above.
Can only be used on others once every 4 melees.
Induce Adrenaline Rush
Effects are same as above.
This ability can only be used on others once every hour.

(Hyper-Metabolism and Hypo-Metabolism are the only affects that can not be reproduced in others.)