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Accesories and Equipment

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_ With so many different kinds of Personal Defense Armor, its sometimes very difficult to know who is the manufacturer, let alone what the armor is called itself.

_ Here on display, for your approval, are several sets of armor catalogued, that might just catch your eye. Any Kind of Armor is possible with only a little imagination.



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PDA Sniper


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PDA Utility / Fire protection


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Personal Glitter Boy
(Glitterboy trademark Palladium books)


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Personal Shiny Boy


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PDA Psuedo Samuri


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PDA Sheild Station


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PDA Riot Armor


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S.I.L.K. Armor
(Strength Inhancers)


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Gunbot Armor


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Heavy Gunbot Armor


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Form fitting Armor



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I entertain ideas.

All images above are copyright RH Tom Edsall and Joe Okros