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  • IQ:3D6+1
  • ME:4D6
  • MA:3D6
  • PS:4D6
  • PP:5D6
  • PE:5D6
  • PB:3D6
  • Spd:4D6
Size Level:
Males: 9
(This is roughly 5 to 6 ft in height, in about the same as a human. Weight is light for most (75%), but the evidence given, they can gain weight like every other mammal, its their high metabolism that keeps them light for the most part.)



Listed here are the Basts most noted and studied of Biological abilities. The species is almost designed to be a hunter assasin predator. However to note the direct similarity and then divergence from the feline prototypical species, they have developed some very unique healing properties, not seen in most species of that architype.

Natural: Swimming
(60 +5% /level exp)
Natural: Acrobatics
(70 +5% /level exp)
Natural: Climbing
(60 +5% /level exp)
Natural: Prowl
(50 +5 /level exp)

(NOTE: None of the above includes the actual skill attribute bonuses. Each requires the character to take the skill to include them.)

Advanced: Hearing
+1 parry / +2 dodge & parrry +6 Initiative
Range: 1 dB 75ft / 10 dB 150ft / 30 dB 360ft
Judge: Distance (60 +5/ lvl) / Direction (50 +5/ lvl) / Identify (40 +5/ lvl)
Advanced: Smell
Range: 90ft radius
Judge: Toxins (50 +5/ lvl)
Individual or Emotions (50 +5/ lvl)
Identify odor (70 +4/ lvl)
Track: (follow scents at 40 +5/ lvl)
this is not the skill
Advanced: Touch
+10% to intricate or delicate skills
Advanced: Vision and Night vision
2x Normal eyesight - 2 miles +1 / lvl
Inflicts 2D6 SDC
adds +35% to climbing skill
Canine teeth:
Bite inflicts 1D8 SDC
Double Jointed / Super flex spine:
+6 to roll / +15% on all escape rolls
Extraordinary: Leap
Well developed leg muscles allow them to leap 20 ft up and 40 across
Extraordinary: Balance / Dexterity
Landing reflex: ( 70% +5 / level )to Land on feet. Reduces damage from falls by half.
+5 balance rolls / +3 automatic dodge
+1 parry / +1 attack
+5% to escape rolls and delicate skills.
Also adds a +15% to all physical skills.
Fur coat:
A thick coat that resists water and cold.
(cold does half damage)
Roar Vocals:
A specially developed Larnyx and a large Lung capacity lets them Roar at well over 80 dB's, heard for miles around. (Can stun at close range 1D4 melees / increased HF:14 )
Sense area vibration / motion
Range: 30ft +5 per lvl

Judge: the number of indiviuals and speeds (66 +4% / lvl)


Alter Metabolism
The Ability to control your bodily functions and use it to its fullest capability, this is the Basts strongest asset physically aside from their other natural abilities, it allows them to be absolute survivors.

Resist Fatigue:
(48 +8 hours / level)
Resist Hunger -Thirst:
(1 day / level)
Calm Self:
+4 vs. HF / +4 vs. to ME Rolls)
Adrenaline Rush:
+4 PS
+2 Initiative / +1 Attack
+1 strike, parry, dodge
Duration: 1 melee / level
After effects: (1 hour)
-1 initiative, strike, parry and dodge
Half all Physical Abilities and Bonuses
Half Toxic effects
+2 Initiative / +2 Attacks
+5 strike / +4 parry and dodge
+2 Damage
Spd x3
Duration: 3 melee / level
After effects: (2 hours)
-2 Initiative, strike, parry, dodge
Spd reduced (-20%)
Accelerated Healing:
+15 SDC
Normal Healing: x2 (No Scarring)
Instantly Heal: 14 SDC / 7 HP
(Once every 12 hours)
After effect: (1 hour)
-1 Initiative / -10% Spd

Healing Touch
This allows the Bast to release healing chemicals (Neural Transmitters) from themselves onto a hurt or injured person. This allows for the Bast to heal using their accelerated healing abilities. (above)

Heal Others
The Bast can only heal others once every 12 hours, and can not heal themself after
healing another, for the same time.
All After effects remain the same on the individual being healed.
Affect Emotions
Using special pheromones and endorphines the Bast can also affect anothers emotional state, calming or sedating them.
Same as Calm self above.
Can only be used on others once every 4 melees.
Induce Adrenaline Rush
Affects are same as above. This ability can only be used once every hour.

[Hyper-Metabolism and Hypo-Metabolism are the only affects that can not be reproduced in others, however it has been demonstrated by the Bast species, at very high levels (11-15)
Hyper Metabolism will have converse effects however, the individual who is touched in this way may loose control of their inner energy, flying into a fits of emotion and even convulsions if pushed to the limits.]



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