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Major Corporate Weapons Manufactures
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_ The Corporate Giants, otherwise known as, in the weapons industry, as "The Big Guns". These are the companies that supply other Major companies and governments affiliates with arms. They produce the most weapons ever thought possible in the whole history of time, this is their goal, to be the biggest and the best. In a Universe that has come to blows with evergrowing empires of power and common wealths of independent nation states, the push for universal dominance, is a fire that for those looking to make their riches in it, are fueling and reaping the profits of war.

_ The Universe in and of itself is vast, and greatly uncharted, the areas that have not been touched are called Free Space, and many are aiming at claiming their own part of it. Wether they be a race of colonial seeking ploters, or independant merchant free booters, they all are asking for top of the line defenses and often powerfull offenses. Certain companies took on the challenge of meeting that demand and profited to become more than weapons manufactures. It takes much more to become a corporate giant than just peddling one type of product. These companies own other companies, and deal in anything and everything that will make them money. However, its because of their sizes, that they have become well known a very powerfull weapons marketeers.

_ Corporate power in the future is a cultural epicenter of growth and economic prestige. Some geographic governmental powers came to become driven solely on its corporate abilities. This lead to some corporations forcing a revolutionary change in their becoming self sufficient and separating themselves from geographical governments and forming their own corporate nation states. This was a huge leap in political and economic power struggles. Corporations were able to maintain their own armed forces, hold civic and public centres and create a sense of nationalism within itself. This was the breaking point for many worlds to the creation of a United National Government or World ruling power. Companies gave up the old ways to new understandings and built entirely new regimes of political esteme. So when their worlds became a colonial society again, reaching for the stars in efforts to attain more for itself, corporations grew out also and sometimes in "competition" with other corporate logos, and competition would soon became full confrontation. Giving more reason for the over developement of a weapons industry beyond any governmental control.

_ In the end however, you are left with a virtual society of movers and shakers. These individuals run a company that produces a product. They have costs and political infrastructures and the struggles any self capitalizing business would have, atop of running a sovereign nation state struggling to keep its soveriegn soil and land marks and space stations. Irregardless of the corporations political status all will want to have a name for themselves. The actuall corporate name is sometimes lost in the shuffle of buying and selling, however the name of the part of the company, that is manufacturing the weapons, generally remains the same, that is if it has done well enough for the corporate sponsor to benifit. In some cases the whole corporation has benifited so much from its weapons department, that they centered their corporate logo around it, making all other parts of it secondary to the manufacturing of weapons.

_ So Major Corporation are treated as Empires, growing in everyway like a nation state, however with an edge, they tend to be onestep ahead when it comes to money matters.