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Standard Munitions


  • DVD - COR.4 (SC0)
    • Damage: 1D4 x 10 MD
    • Capacity: 50
    • Range: 2400 ft

  • DVD - CORAS.50 (C50)
    • Damage: 1D6 x 10 MD
    • Capacity: 100
    • Range: 4000 ft

  • DVD - CORAS.51 (C51)
    • Damage: 2D4 x 10 MD
    • Capacity: 100
    • Range: 4500 ft

  • DVD - CORAS.52 (C52)
    • Damage: 2D6 x 10 MD
    • Capacity: 50
    • Range: 2 miles

Weapons Detail__________________________________
  • _ The Coras Standard Laser pistols or subguns are the best in photon accelerated weapons to buy. Giving maximum range and fire power these intracate weapons do great in feild tests.
    Coras (cor'raz) are a standard set of weapons, all very high quality and failiure tests benchmark its success in overall accomplishment, the weapon will never overload, and all come standard with a fail safe warning, internal computers telling the user when a problem is anticipated.
  • _ The Laser systems use variable frequency light sensors (Vflow) which essentialy eliminates the chances of refraction and reflextion of the beam. This means Laser resistant armor is a thing of the past, these will inflict full damage to them.
  • _ The new standard of computer technology in the DVD lasers is remarkable, the weapons are essentially targeting computers also, they will mark, identify and even track the intended target for the user, with no attachables nessesary. The weapon tells the user where to aim and even when, all voice actuated. This is all optional of course, you cant have a comp talking to you in the middle of battle, so it includes a small screen on the weapon to indicate your current status, which all can be uplinked to a sights or HUD.
  • _ This gives a (+5) to strike and allows characters that have no skill in using a weapon to pick it up with no negatives.
  • _ (Note: all are single burst weapons)

DVD - CORDAN.500 (C0)
Damage: 4D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 100

Range: 5 miles


DVD - CORDAN.501 (C1)
Damage: 4D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 100
Range: 5 miles
MDC: 1D4 x 100
Capacity: 30
Range: 4500 ft
DVD - CORDAN.502 (C02)
Damage: 7D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 100
Range: 10 miles
MDC: 1D4 x 100
Capacity: 50
Range: 4500 ft
DVD - CORDAT.5000 (CD5)
Damage: 4D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 200
Range: 8000 ft


Weapons Detail_____________________________________________

_ The DVD Cordan rifles are again another accomplishment of DVD Standards. Reliable and user friendly. They are made the same as their counterparts the Coras pistols, with longer ranges and higher powers. The major diference is the use of the added Turbo Laser Accelerator attatchment for the barrel of the weapon.

_ Developed later, after the advent of DVDs success, the Turbo Laser attatchment was a great bonus to its already powerful laser capability. The attatchment inhances (doubles) the weapons range, this also increased its damage only a minute amount, yet a welcome addition.
(+20 MD to final damage.)

_ Another addition was the use of Grenades. Not common to DVD, the grenade systems are not a great advancement, but called for. Built out of the nessesity to keep up with demand, the V-tech grenades were new to DVD, and not as liked by the corporate owners. The Vtechs would still be produced, but research into further development was halted.

_ V-tech grenades are Virotechnology used in the Nanotech wars. These are Tag and trace explosives. Small bots designed to follow its target. The grenades will go until it either looses its target or hits and destroys it, or is just destroyed itself.
( The V-tech grenade has a (+7) to strike and will follow until the target is out of range. At which point the grenade, unless programed otherwise will drop harmlessly to the ground. )

_ The DVD Cordat a heavy offensive weapon, also mounted for defense, is a power to recon with. The Gattling laser technology allows for a masive barage of laser blasts. This weapon requires strength to handle or a mounting unit, even with a Recoil Reflex system it is difficult to man. A mounting can be made with a shoulder support and waist pivot, or it can be setup on a turret. This is to ensure proper firing and aim, however a character with a PS of 17 or higher can easily manuever the gun with out supports.
_ The main power rests in its speed. The system can output a massive volley of blasts in bursts of 50. Using standard Heavy machine gun rules this means a short (x10) and long burst (x20) capability, only on the first attack of a melee round, otherwise only single blasts allowed.
_ It can however be set to fire a single blast from one barrel,
doing (4D6x10 MD), this is a single attack.
_ A short burst (50 rounds and 1/2 attacks) adds up to (4D6x100)
_ A long burst (100 rounds and full melee) does (4D6x200 MD)!!

Why such immense damage, the primary objective when designing this weapon was to micronize the masive battery cannons on starships, DVD proved this was possible with its moblization of the Cordat. Speed and power, with speed as its objector, was the 2 most important elements of weapons strength.

Who is DVD Standard Munitions?

_ Duke Von Doberman Suppliers and Sellers is a sort of Royal family business. The family was a strong established colony on the moon for centuries, ever since the colonization efforts began. They built a massive communications and Defense alert center on the far side. It was with the first contact that a small group formed a weapons alliance to build weapons that would help in the surface to space defense effort. Lasers were their weapons of choice, clean and with a sense of elegance to them.

_ Their efforts first for the use of moon colonists then expanded with its success into galactic markets. The weapons are not widely known through out the Universal trade syndicate yet, however they are persisting in growth. Selling to many companies required defensive fronts in colonization and mining. The weapons have not become popular amongst criminal agencies as of yet.

_ The Cordat gattling gun is not an open market weapon and still remains with the corps leaders to fret out the legal jargon with trade affairs. As of yet it is being tried with in the Human colonial marines as an experimental weapon. It will be an illegal weapon.

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