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Cartisan RCC

  • IQ: 3D6
  • ME: 3D6
  • MA: 3D6
  • PS: 3D6+2
  • PP: 4D6
  • PE: 3D6+2
  • PB: 3D6
  • Spd: 4D6

(Speed will be reduced in higher gravity. Earth they will experience a negative of half their Spd.)

Size Level:
Male 12 / Female 11
Build: Tall (long)
On average they are as tall as 7-9 ft

350 - 410 lbs

SDC: 80 (AR of 4)

Cartisan Male and Female

Scientific Data Gathered:
  • Home World: Phobeus
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Reproduction: Heterosexual / Viviparous
    • Gestation: 10 - 12 months
    • Number of young: 1 or 2
  • Life Span: 200 years
    • Maturity: reached at 15 years
    • Prime: reached at 140 years
  • Appearance: (looks)
    • They are a fully Bipedal species, possessing two
      legs and arms with fully functional hands
    • Each hand has 5 digits including opposable thumbs
      feet are likewise with 5 toes on each
    • They have no noticable ears and nose, however
      senses are just as keen as most species.
    • Their eyes are small and somewhat sunken, with
      a low brow that shadows over their eyes. Possibly
      a adaptation due to the extremity of their home
      world to the sun light.
    • Their world is Low Gravitational which accounts for
      their height and weight. (aproximately .6 Earth)
    • They do not possess much body hair, most will
      have thick hair on the back of their head and some
      very fine hairs bairly noticable, all over their body.
    • Their Skin is fair, most will have a brown to pale
      brown color. A pattern in noted on the top and side
      of their heads. Stripes are common and a pattern
      running along the line of their backs.
      (This is a beauty sign among their kind, especially
      fine paterns with symetrical lines.)

Natural Abilities:
  • Heightened sense of Touch
    Very delicate hands ( +5 to intricate skills and escape)
  • Hold Breath
    Strong lung capacity holds 2D6 +2/level minutes


Varnician Armor Upper and Lower

_The Cartisans are extremely high tech, they have
mastered the arts of interstellar corporation and are
a very lucrative race, wealthy beyond all compare.
Their world Phoebeus is rich in resources and they
have taken advantage of that, reaping the profits of
12 planets within their solar system. Three of those
planets now inhabited and maintained by Teraform
_Culturally they are very conservative, with no need
for political ties or alliances beyond themselves. Any
Allies made are for shear profit or because of some
moral clause that they have choosen to be a part of.
Normally however they are a difficult race to reach,
commonly within the throws of high class society and
maintaining bussiness, they do not give readily.
_With their Arts and leisure its just the same, very
ornate in Architechture and Decoration. The most
practical approach is even critized for its esthetic.
It isnt uncommon to confuse their idea of casual with
that of formal wear, this even includes their military
_All of this does not mean however that they are a
unemotive race, rather just the opposite. They may
maintain a high social standard, but they freely
express their emotions and communicate their ideas
in large ways. They have erected massive cathedral
like buildings for cultural exchange and personalize
almost all of their belongings. The only standards
in style that are actually kept is the Military garbs
and outposts. These are generally made to create a
sense of fear to outside interloopers. They are alot
like humans in this respect, having great esteem for
the ulterior personage, they just have alot of money.

The Armor Above

  • The Varnician Armor
    • ~ Varnicia is the moon of Phoebeus where they develope many weapons and armor. The Armor is a standard Cartisan Military wear and is limited to only the Cartisan military. They do not make theses for any others, or specifically outsiders.
    • ~ V1 Lower is a all purpose suit built to resist heavy fire and any environment. They are completely self contained and very strong. Using a hermetic Force feild built into them that are engaged with an unlimited capacity.
    • ~ V2 Upper is built up ontop of the V1 and looks far more onamental than militant. This was primarily designed to protect the likes of leaders and dignitaries, however is used often under heavy fire by their storm soldiers.
    • ~ Both are powered armor with an active alert overide system to overcome high gravity environments. The suit still remains relatively light, so a Cartisan soldier can use it without penalty. The V2 Upper will fold away in a conceled pack on their shoulders for better combatics. However the V2 Upper limits the soldier to ranged attacks only with conceled weapons inside the cloak.
    • ~ Another defensive mechanism built in is a type of black cloudy mater, that is released upon massive damage sustainment.
      ~ This Blinds any enemy with in a 80ft radius, this also temporarily interferes with sensory reading for about (1D6 x 10 minutes) while the cloud dissapates.
      ~ Individuals may fine tune their HUD sensors or sights to read through it but this may take upto
      (1D4 melees). The nature of the gas is a thick heavy partical sheilding, it will also reduce the damage of Energy weapons by half.
    • ~ Aside from that the Cartisan have developed personal cloaking devices making them absolutely invisible to any sensory equipment. However they limit the use of these and rarely ever allow soldiers to use the technology for fear it may be stolen or taken as salvage in post combat. The Cloaking feild has an unlimited capacity and cannot be read on any sensory device. The suit actually displaces its environment subatomically, using a special feild of quark sciences, beyond nearly all other races current understandings.
    • Specifications:
      • MDC: V1 Lower - 300
      • MDC: V2 Upper - 400
        - Helmet: 200 MDC
      • Called shots to the helmet are - 2 to strike
        (Damages above are accumulative Damage Capacities capacities, meaning a complete V1 and V2 armor will sustain 700 MDC)
      • Bonuses: When engaged the suit allows for greater speed and mobility, when not there is no negative or bonus attatched.
        + 4 Initiative / +2 strike / +8 parry & dodge
        Speed is +10 to attribute with no negative in varying gravities. These bonuses do not apply when using the V2 Upper however, and Spd is actually reduced (-20%).
  • See the Weapons Bunker for NTS weapons used by the Cartisan Soldiers.


Specimen Gallery