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House Rules

_ The Containment Feild, A housing of Ideas made to assist those who may campaign under Ledsoul to understand his thoughts on the matter of the Palladium system of play.
_ This would be Ledsouls House Rules. Here contained within this page are the rules that I have created to suffice my own unsatisfied understandings of the Palladium Rules.
_ These are not intended to change anyones personal opinion of Palladium, but to merely augment them with new Ideas.

_ Palladium Books are a Legally binded company with copyrights and should be accorded their rights, So please respect these and give care to not overstep them or anyone elses legal copyrights.

See here for Details on Legal jargon





There are TEN steps in creating a character

  1. Create the Characters R.C.C. (Racial Character Class)
  2. Choose the Characters Alignment and Disposition
  3. Roll the Eight Attributes
    accounting for the specific R.C.C. modifiers
  4. Find the Physical Characteristics
    • BUILD
    • WEIGHT
    • HEIGHT
    • LOOKS
  5. Find the Characters Education Level
  6. Choose a O.C.C. ( Occupational Character class )
  7. Choose a Profession Field
    • Select the Characters Skills
  8. Calculate the Characters Bonuses
    • Include, Attribute Modifiers, H.P., S.D.C., WILL,
      and any other abilities
  9. Find the Characters SCC ( Social Character Class )
    • Social Contacts
    • Reputation and Credentials
    • Employment type (if any)
  10. Create the Characters Background
    • Birth / Origins and Family
    • Education and Experiences


_ Now you have a Character, do not let these "rules" confine your imagination though. As said this is the Containment Field and intended to house rules, but like always, it can be much nicer outside the house.

The above may not work entirely
please be patient as I work on this site.


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