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Serie-Isis Weapons

DAM 45-50
Damage: 2D4 x 10 MD
Capacity: 10
Range: 250 ft

DAM 35-40
Damage: 2D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 10
Range: 400 ft


DAM 35-100
Damage: 2D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 25
Range: 800 ft

DAM 25-40
Damage: 4D6 x 10 SDC
Capacity: 30
Range: 700 ft


DAM 50-100
Damage: 4D6 x 20 MD
Capacity: 30
Range: 2500 ft

DAM 50-02
Damage: 2D6 x 20 MD
Capacity: 10
Range: 200 ft

Weapons Detail_____________________________________________________

_ The Heavy hitters in personal defense, DAM offers what most weapons wont, lots of stopping power.
_ Each weapon is almost distinct in detail, equiped with form fitting grip handles and a (R3) return recoil reflex system, ensuring the gun doesn't buck. The main difference lies in the ammunitions depot.

_ The Original "455" (45-50) prototype first run model.
_ The "354" (35-40) a little more power than the 455.
_ The "351" (35-100) increases the maximum cap.
_ The "25 special" (25-40) was an older model that used lighter, ('Non-lethal') rounds, this was the DAM Civil issue.
_ The "DAM 501" (50-100) was the Serie-Isis corps attempt at frontline military weapons. The dual barrel power horse would fail misserable in feild test though, its size and form did not sit well with the individuals using it. The DAM 501 is still a favorite amongst weapons collectors.
_ The "Dicky" (50-02) is an amazing little gun, able to pack an incredible amount of power. It uses the amplified R3 system to just about eliminate all recoil. This model can also be modified for Civil uses. 4D6 SDC, The weakest DAM gun.

Who is DAM Serie-Isis?

_ Serie-Isis is a multi corp that makes business in many feilds. Weapons manufacturing is just one of them. They are an Inter-Galactic conglomerate. Involving many common races from all over the known universe. They are Business men, and usually couldnt tell you anything about what they deal in. Its their sales people that are important to DAM industries.

_ DAM is a small part of the conglomerate, passionately called Damage Incorporated, its main focus is to make popular guns. DAM has also sided with GAM Militare, and can commonly be seen exchanging deals between the companies, for resources and man power. However GAM will not allow DAM to use its weapons designs, GAM is a largely governmentally supported company and holds its reputation as one of the best. This has at times has brought the companies to blows, yet as evident as it may be DAM weapons is still dependant on GAM for backing.

_ All in all DAM makes a fairly reliable weapon, and is popular amongst the Rim worlds mining communities in many galaxies.


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