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_ Earth is a very prosperous planet, free from pollution, world war, little if any political strife, and economically a centre of inter-stellar commerce. A picturesque place of bounty and natural beauty. Almost two thousand years of work went into rebuilding the planet into its former natural state. Great grass plains, forests of all kinds, natural deserts, not man made, flourish with life, and the vast oceans cleansed of nye near all impurity. The Cities themselves almost blend into the background with mountain like appearances, cities that cover huge areas of land, with weather modifiers, titanic sky scrapers, star ship ports, sky trains and umbilical support stations, and people travelling to and from space with their own vehicles, all with hover cars flying on open free ways in the sky. Along with the advancement of the space age many new species of sentient beings have joined with the human race to coexist together and to share cultures. Many species have actually chosen to live on Earth as a citizen, or alien resident. Much of the racial tension has subsided with few incidents, but much has yet to come for all with new species and cultures being introduced every year. Earth has changed quite a bit in the last few centuries, its become a booming culture centre, a political refuge and a peace state, for inter-galactic treaties. However even with all this change people have changed very little. Technology has allowed much to come from Earth but greed and hatred still exists with in its populations.



The Foundations
_ The History of Earth as it has been laid down for many centuries has many trials and tribulations. From the struggle for imperial power to the domain of political idealism, humans have always pitted themselves against one another, this has not changed. Since the end of the Second World War humankind has devoted much of their resource to technological development, not only in the ever demand for global defense but in the corporate economic pressures of a growing population. The Earth has come a long way from civil unrest, never actually reaching a state of World War again, mostly due to the rise in power of the United Nations and the ever increasing breakdown of large political maps into smaller and smaller nation states. Although the apocalyptic future never came to be, endless battle cries and skirmishes were still taking place over the globe. Battles over supremacy, conflicts in ideals, and the ever increasing rise in corporate independence from their geographical governments and conflicts of intrests between competing industries.
_ In the middle of the Twenty first century the UN staged the first ever Infological war in history. Although propaganda and knowledge was used in the past it became ever more present as time passed. With its unceasing political strength and renewed political reform, the UN, now a global political power centre making decisions for over half of the Earth, was in a position to abolish 'religious and ethnic' Power struggles. The timing couldnt have been better, according to their socio-economists, peoples faith in the ability of organized religion to give them a better 'life style' was very low. People no longer felt that they needed the powers of a large 'church' to better them selves, turning to personal ideals of home and family, if they wanted a organization to help them they would seek out governmental social service agencies. So it began, slowly with the assertion of the many institutional organizations, forming the grass roots of religion, into its economic resources, using the once economic prestige of the great babylonic empire to turn many of the worlds temples and churches into culture centres, media fronts and as branches for the arms of the reformation movement.
_ At first the reforms took place with little or no disspute, individual liberties were never in question and many felt that it was about time for organized religion to be culled. The political atmosphere was apathetic to the plights of many organizations trying to ursurp their domination over the people through their 'faith' keepers. Many large corporations, although side skirting issues around their own involvemnet with large religious groups, joined in with the governmental reformation. The changes and insertion of the govenment into the 'church', began well enough. Government funding increasing the dependency of the organizations, causing them to become more of a tool in supporting world releif funds and social services centers. Soon the closure of many temples and churches due to lack of funding and a apathy of its beleivers. It was the major centres of religion that was the greatest of hurdles in to being assimilated into governmental bueracracy.
_ Then in 2229 a group of dissidents forming the xionistic unitarian believers, pushed an all out assault against the central European government, this measure caused much uprising with in all sides of the globe. Counter-Reformation groups formed, casting vast shadows of discontent among many, brutal acts of violence ensued and anarchy ruled over much of the worlds governments. Nearly fifty years of reforms and actions of the UN would take place before it took full power over the religious succesion of the globe.
_ Many scholars suggested that the great age of information and the incline towards the breakdown of religion in general, by following generations, had the greatest of effects on the uprise of a global communion and the UN. The reform would continue until the later part of the Twenty second century, after the a radical loyalist group calling themselves the phoenix saints began attacking the world governments causing much unrest and destruction. They had unusually powerful weapons and technology, some think now that at that time there was a extraterrestrial hand at work. This all took many people by surprise, and yet were not swayed in any way by the Saints messages, in a sudden turn of events nearly all were completely set against them because of their actions and quickly ended their terroristic reign. This action is what is said to have caused the figurative abolition of all religion, when almost all would turn their backs on past beliefs, because of the acts of one group.
The attempts to stop the tide of power was still however pale to the strength of the UN. It was formed completely out of all the greater nations of the world together to become the new world power. This included nearly all of the NATO states, the old Commonwealth of England, the US, Canada and Australia, parts of South America and most of Europe. Any of the conflict within the UN occurred between generational political and economic idealisms. The UN, formed of mostly what is called the post generational peoples, a generation raised on the ideals of peace through science and technology, forgetting nearly all of their cultural beliefs of their parents and voicing over their older generations opinions of religious candour and made much of it into mythological stories for the scholars to tell. It was that reform that took man kind into the greatly anticipated literal Space age.
The changes that followed were not as sudden and distinctive as some may have believed, with the well timed emplacement of the new agenda by the old leaders, who knew all along of the changes to take place and with the passing away of older generations. Some have commented that the UN may have had this in the planning for a very long time. Still the pace was slow to change, until a pivotal decision was made near the end of the Twenty second century, just after the fall of the phoenix uprising, by a top secret international US agency to release hidden files and information on the existence of extraterrestrial life. The breaking of the 'X' Files seal was to be one of the most important political movements since the discovery of the Americas.
_ The timing of the event was such that people were almost prepared for it to happen. Few debated it and little opposition came against it. This then led to the formation of a UN accord for an international space organization and the fall of the former political ideals held by many ending all opposition to the UN and its counter parts. Nearly all of the planet was drawn together in an effort to reach for space. The United Nations began with the development of the lunar and mars colonies along with several space stations, one of which will never be completed because of its ever growing nature, called the Earth Emerald, still in the works two thousand years later, a symbol of advancement and unity. This time in history would be marked as the great time of Gathering. Yet not all would rejoice at its coming.


The raising of the Pillars
_ During the time of Gathering many outside alien races took note of the human plight, many knew of the human existence, but because of the laws governing inter-galactic contact, would not bother taking action that might cause the world to have developmental problems or cultural inferiority shock. Humans were watched for a time as they grew and became more and more space worthy by an institutional research station, put in place to study and record the human activities this station would replace a team of already existing alien researchers. In the early period of the Twenty forth century the UN has finally come to terms with its wavering power struggle, as people begin to doubt in its viability to reach deep space, conflicts arise within it causing a small skirmish in space over the ownership of a lunar platform. The first battle to take place in nearly fifty years of an absolute armistice, it became known as the confrontation of laws. It was then that a new secondary world power came into play, separate but acting with the UN as a expeditionary administration. The USO or the Universal Space Organization, a UN power in space acting on its own accord to install peace between conflicting space enterprises. The New USO power began constructing an armada of starcraft to help control confrontations in space. Several new space stations were being constructed for Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Plans for the construction of the Deep Space Explorer missions were started. The launching of the Daedalus Space probe signalled the beginning of the exploration. Even with the rise in power of the United Nations and the Universal Space Organization, several large corporate power holders began their own space fleet programs, each with their own police security and militia. This was allowed by the UN to the major corporations, on the contingency that these were to be used for only peaceful defensive purposes, protecting themselves from the increasing power of crime lords and terrorist activities. The UN also increased its own forces in able to police the increasing possibility of a corporate battle. The Merchant Men During this time, prior to the creation of the USO, a large number of growing industries and corporations were taking power, setting the world economic standards and exploring new avenues for capitalistic gain. Since the time of the reformation, the greater communist countries were weakening and in need of economic support by the rest of the world, it wasn't long before it fell to the UN reforms and came under more and more capitalist power, becoming a powerful influence in world resources. Corporate power in the east grew, even under great attack by former leaders of the state and industry. More alliances were bonded and soon they separated from their home lands becoming world holders much like their western counter parts. The UN began viewing the greater corporations as a sort of self-governing nation states, above land and territory. Many of the corporate leaders were still bound by the laws and restrictions given to them by what ever land they resided in and the UN. This is when the confrontation of laws came to pass. A time where the free space off the planet was being exploited, uninhibited by any governing laws. The confrontations were slowed by the arrival of the new USO, yet have never ceased even to this day. Another power that began its rise was groups for humanity and culture. These were groups and organizations set up to create and contribute to cultural centers and humanitarian aids. They were tides of indifferent people looking to build a greater home world for human beings instead of putting their intents on efforts towards the space programs. Many of which studied historical sites that were previously protected under archival laws, with new technology and insight from the international community, they began a World wide excavation. The Sacred Burial Grounds Shortly after 2320 several controversial finds were revealed from all over the world, that may have suggested alien visitation prior to the beginning of human history. Artifacts found in deep tombs far below the Earths surface. One of the most revealing of such discoveries was found deep beneath the Egyptian Sphinx in Giza. It was a tomb full of writing and technology that the likes of has never been seen before in all of human history. Upon its uncovering most of the members working on the find were killed, it is thought that the chamber held a large pocket of gas and there fore exploded when it was opened. Yet some claimed they had seen several creatures flee from inside it in a large ball of fire, fighting each other and killing several people as they did . This was left to great speculation, since no evidence was found of foul play. However they still considered the possibility considering what they had found. It was not only the strange tomb and cryptic writing that was found in Egypt, but they also found a hidden tomb of an unknown Pharoh far below the pyramid of Menkaure, the smaller of the great pyramids. It was not the Pharohs tomb that excited them but what they had found with it, an ancient robot, resembling the Egyptian god Neith, part woman, part jackal. Subterfuge, Sabotage and Strangers Records of Human history only go as far back as scholars and scribes began recording it. Some have tried to speculate on prehistory happenings through evidence found in archaeological digs and ancient writings. Yet even with the advancement of technology and findings, the truth has yet to be found. The findings of the new international digs and the release of historical evidence within the X files has pointed many to a new look at prehistory. Just as the UN was taking hold in the mid Twenty first century, several small groups of independent government agencies and their corporate allies were studying alien artifacts. Nothing as profound as the finds at Giza, yet just as spectacular. The downed spacecraft of an alien reconnaissance team, supposively struck by a meteor, found in Mexico in the late nineteen twenties. The details of the events are obscured by the secrecy of the time, yet prove true to the existence of alien beings. The aliens involved in the conspiracy would later reveal themselves as the Xenos species, called thus for their silent nature and secrecy. As time would show, the Xenos were on some secret mission to study the planet. It is believed that they were conducting experiments on humans with the cover as a research team, for an interstellar science federation. Another speculation was that they were an espionage watch post, making sure that none of their previous activity was found by any other alien species. The Xenos race has been here a long time studying, experimenting and watching the human race, with an undaunting fervour. They are a very imperialistic species, needing to own every thing they put they see, they are bent on superiority, not letting anything out of their grasp. Many thousand years ago, before human history, the Xenos race found Earth and began exploiting its rich biological resources for their scientific experiments. Creating a fantastic array of creatures and monsters beyond imagination. These became known later to mankind as their mythological gods and goddesses. They even possessed the resource of the Moon, Venus and Mars, building a diversity of life their that would otherwise have never existed. Their goals were never made clear, but later studies of other worlds that they actually did manage to take over suggested that they were a enslaving race, creating biogenetic warriors, to help take over other worlds. Their secrecy and unwavering stand to their kind has made it impossible to find out their real motives and intentions. The coming of an Interstellar Federation of Planets cause havoc within the ranks of the Xenos occupying Earth. Instead of confronting the armada of expedition and research vessels within the federation, the Xenos began a termination of all experimental products of their existence surrounding Earth. All of Venus, Mars and the Moon was completely wiped clean, the Earth was left to become a later biological resource to them. A systematic extermination took place eliminating any evidence of biological intervention. Unknown to them, in their haste, they would miss a few pieces of their history on Earth. The Xenos later became allies to the federation and took to claiming Earth as a study for intergalactic research, undermining any attempts to discovering what had happened on the planet. Since that time they have been posted about the planet as a reconnaissance team. Later when the reconnaissance craft crashed on the planet, many in the intergalactic community became aware of it, learning about the secret experiments occurring while on their watch. This caused an uproar among many over the Xenos coming into contact with the Human population, banning them from all research activity with the federation. Still some believed that this was a minor event and siding with the Xenos allowed them to remain in the alliance of Interstellar Species. A new research team was posted over Earth, this one larger and maintaining a closer watch over the planet, because of the recent events with the space craft. The Xenos were not turned away by the newly posted team. They began a silent campaign to continue with their previous activity, ensuring their own safety with in the alliance. The Xenos were in a tight position on Earth, interacting with humans and disguised within its own ranks. It was when they heard of the releasing of information about their existence, that they began a full scale guerilla type war on the few that held the knowledge. The elimination process began and many humans were assassinated. Finding that they were outnumbered and unable to take full personal action, because of the observation of the research team, they began investing time in making human alliances, creating the Phoenix Saints. These failed and the information was released to the public making it impossible to control its spread. With the realization that they had a limited amount of time before the research team in space took note of the artifacts that were found in the files, they began a counter strike against them, in an attempt to take over the research station before they knew what happened. This proved to be very successful, the battle lasted no more than a few days, and no one even had a chance to call for help. Walls of Stone The Xenos now had the opportunity to complete the task they were unable to do thousands of years earlier, to destroy the last remains of the Archaean world they built, erasing anything that was left to testify to their interfering with human history. Upon hearing of the reconnaissance teams actions the primary leaders of the Xenos were extremely angered at their jeopardising their position with the alien alliances. It prepared a war ship to meet with the recon team, and punish them, after attacking Earth. The recon began with the detonation of several high powered heater explosives in the arctic regions of the planet, to cause a world wide flooding epidemic. This was followed by the assassination of several World leaders in the UN and USO. This was made out to be the actions of a corporate terrorist group. Many began warring over power, and soon the World was in a state of complete anarchy. The Xenos continued with the creation of natural disasters all over the planet, including the collision of several asteroids in space with many major star ships. Panic and Chaos insued, leaving little to look to for aid. It was then that a allied arm of the USO, the Neocorp Starship Michigan came into contact with a Xenos shuttle craft, a battle followed and Michigan was obliterated. This however gave the USO the knowledge it needed to call together all the conflicting powers and resources it had to begin a full scale battle fleet, to help repel the alien attackers. This was an unexpected situation that the young Xenos were not prepared for. However they knew they had the technological advantage and began to return the battle feeling unmoved by the numbers that the USO had organized, and war began full sway. It was at this point that a number of messages began reaching past the barriers built by the Xenos to prevent deep space contact. Through pure fortune the alien alliance received the distress calls from Earth and sent in a small armada to investigate. The Xenos leaders began withdrawing their attempts to send armed reinforcements to the recons aid and started planning to prevent blame from falling on themselves. The arrival of the alliance turned the balance around to the humans advantage. In just a few days the battle had ended, the remaining Xenos took their own lives in an attempt to save their own species from shame. The first contact was recorded on the fall of 2454. Nearly two hundred years later the Xenos race would be found guilty of interplanetary injustices, and they would become the universes largest threat to unity. The prehistory of Earth would remain a mystery for another two thousand years. As Interstellar relations grew and humans make their place in the galaxy, Earth came to be known as the safe haven it is now, protected by alliances of many colors. THE NEW EARTH The World as it stands is now part of a greater intergalactic community. It is considered one of the best Interstellar stops in all the milky way galaxy, yet compared to the immensity of all the universe it has blended into the background of a much larger underworkings of corporate and political powers. Politics and Policing Each world has its own form of government and individual form of cultural distinctions. There are however worlds that are almost incorporated into the Intergalactic community much like a city in a country. Earth is one of these. The Greater Magnu system includes nearly three hundred solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is part of the Halo cluster of galaxies, this also includes the Andromeda galaxy and its near neighbour the Minah 33 galaxy, among many others. Also the Halo cluster is part of the Psi-Congregate Super cluster. Other surrounding Super clusters are called, by humans, the Perseus, Indus and Hercules S-clusters. A sort of bubble within a bubble arrangement. Governing powers and political entities vary from one system to the next. However any and all powers that be in the universe come under the authority of the Universal Justices. What may be the end all of all Supreme courts. These maintain jurisdiction over all and ensure that peace is maintained. Their origins are some what unclear, but there power is not challenged. They are the most dominant race in the universe. Some believe them to be gods, some say they are a race of robots who some how surpassed their creators and began to build better and better versions of themselves until they became the perfect warrior with no one to defeat them. It is true they are a mechanized species, but living none the less. And that they are almost invincible, possessing weapons no other species can fathom. The justices have been given many names by many species, Humans know them as the Archifellows. Much is not known about them, but that they are feared, hated and loved by all, and any that would prove to believe in justice would be in favour of them. Even with the existence of the Universal Justice many Worlds must still fend for themselves, the Archifellows are very powerful, but limited in numbers and spread this across the Universe. This makes for the corporate and criminal profiteering kind a way to becoming rich. This also makes it a challenge for some to control the balance of authority in any galaxy. The use of armed forces is not uncommon, even on peace abiding planets there are defense measures to ensure their protection, and worlds that cannot protect themselves make alliances with others in their galaxy to help them. The most dangerous regions of space are the outer ranges, like the pioneers of old, these are unexplored territories waiting to be claimed by some imperialistic race or exploitational corporate frontier men. Piracy, Smuggling and Black marketeers are the most common of threats. In these regions an alliance of peace seeking aliens have set up to help those in distress. The alliance was formed from a growing number of species coming together to form a union and an assemblance of all species to work together to form a Universal whole. This was formed with out the assistance of the Universal Justices, out of a need to create greater defenses against criminals and war lords. Earth is part of the alliance, it holds only a few seats in it courts, yet keeps its stand in aiding any and all in need within reason. Earth has yet to build upon itself and expand, already adapting all of its sister planets in its solar system to accommodate its needs. With both a breathable atmosphere on Venus, Mars and the Moon with Star cities nearly every thousand miles between Earth and Jupiter, along with mines and resource stations on every other planet, it is still a small Solar system in the Universe. One thing the Human "Sun" system is known for though is the populations resourcefulness and ambition, many Earthen corporations are Universally accepted and actually maintaining a powerful standing in the Universal economy. Cash and Credit There are so many Interstellar currencies that any one bank could not even hold one dolar type from every type species. Yet there still exhists several interstellar banks. Credit and monetary values of all kinds are considered by these megabanks. Many consider hard cash to be practicaly worthless if it is not taken to the bank for exchange to what ever currency one needs. One planets dollar value may be of the highest value on another planet, yet most will not accept in on the bases that its foreign to them and its worth is paper or stone until its exchanged. Many worlders have change to use gem stones for their currency, it appears to be the most widely accepted of hard currency. Trade and barter is another of the most accepted forms of economic exchange in some of the new worlds, many interior centres laugh at you if try to trade with them. Black markets, although illegal are one of the most illustrius of interior centres and outer range trades. Some planets have made a point of sanctioning out special area dedicated to the legalization of black market sales. This has caused much heated disputes between many worlds and travelers alike. Earth has held the domain of one of the Universes great Banks, holding to the Bank dolar as its currency and credit. Much of the new worlds transactions are done with credit or debit chips, a sort of card which maintains the amount of monetary value one may own. People can carry one card or several, each could be explicitly for the card user invalid to everyone else or it can be a universal changer, available for any one to use. War and Peace The powers that be have held much of the Universe fairly stable and not in any state of complete chaos. No one has looked to any one Imperial power, although there have been those that have tried and those that are still trying. The Universe is a vast expanse, most of which is uncharted, even at this period in time there still exists parts of the Earth that have not yet been discovered. So for the most part the balance in power still exists with the Justices. Many small wars can be waged yet many beleive it is imposible for a Universal war to take place. Challenges that do happen are to the small planets who are struggling to get to their feet and stand against individual war lords, who want nothing more than to crush those beneath them and be rich. There is no telling what other powers could want, but it is a large Universe with infinite possibilities.