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Hammond - RnRs
- Single

Damage: 4D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 100
Range: 2000 ft



Hammond - RnRs
- Double

Damage: 5D6 x 20 MD
Capacity: 100
Range: 3500 ft

Weapons Detail___________________________________________
  • The Hammond RnRs (Reactive Neutronium Reflex System)
    _ Working on the principles of the Reflex cannon design the RnR system (Pun intended; "Rest n Relax") fires packets of heavy neutron particles, down a reflex arc or graviton feild. Ordinarily the firing of Neutrons at a target would cause a chain reaction or neuclear explosion, however the RnR system uses a specially crystaline induced energy that only they and one other company has produced. (See the NTS)
    _ This gives them a direct advantage in the market on producing a unseemingly inexpensive energy source to apply to weapons. A energy cartridge may only cost a quarter of the price that any of its competitors will do. The only disadvantage to the system is that it is Un-Rechargable, requiring the replacement of the entire energy cell and particle casing.

Who is Hammond Arms?

_ Hammond is an 'Old' company, these were companies that survived Earths Unification Revolution. A period of time where religion and corporation clashed. Many large companies would crumble during this period.
_ The Hammond company was carried through family lines, who's motto was "Through any means deemed nessesary." This meant that Hammond Arms was a bench mark and black market corp.
_ Historically 'Old' companies had roots that affected entire nations. Thus they became nation states, not existing by the bounds of geography. Hammond is still regarded as a independant nation corp. Running their own Imperialistic government, and charging a taxation on the selling of its products. So Hammond sells more than just weapons, however for military purposes Ill just keep to the contra.


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