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Created by Braden A. Campbell
Art by
RH Tom Edsall

See here a Small preveiw of Braden Campbell's concepts of a New RPG setting and storyline.
NOTE: these are conceptions and not definitive depictions as of yet, keep looking for more to come.

Opinions would be very welcome
to either the writer or the artist



Our first view of the Immgrist

    The following is mankind's first description of our alien allies.  It is the first hand account of Carlotta Montez, the person now credited with First Contact.  Montez was an officer in the New York City police department, beginning in 2070.  She was assigned to riot control in Times Square during the Arrival, and as such, was amoung the crowd who were witness to the Immgrist dropship.

     After the signing of the Contract, Montez achieved celebrity status both on Earth and in the Ascendancy.  She became the first human being to travel to the Imperial city on Mausratt, and was made the first Terran Ambasador to the Immgrist Ascendancy by Celestial Empress Galkiel I.  A novel based on her accounts of the Arrival, written by David Hollyman, was first published in April, 2075.

    The following excerpt is from said book...




_  _There were people all around us, some crying, some praying, but most in a kind of stunned silence. The ship had come down sat in the middle of Times Square. I remember looking at the remains of the ticket sellers booth, now crushed under the huge bulk of the thing. Why they decided to come down in the middle of the city is a mystery to me; I like to think that they made it a dramatic spectacle just for us, because that's what we would expect.

__   The ship too was like something we might expect when we thought of "aliens". It was tall, with rounded edges, and it made me think of an old church I used to go to as a child, only plated with chrome.

_  _ I just happened to be the closest one. Not more than five minutes before, I had been yelling at some guy to get back behind the line, or I would have him arrested. It was a hollow threat on my behalf. Afterall, the whole city was in a panic; how could they not be with this giant spaceship floating high above it?

  __ There were media people everywhere, and when the ship came down, they were all pressing at my back, trying to get a better look. It was all I could do to hold them back. But after it came to a rest, they all backed away, leaving me there alone.

_  _ They were tall. That was my first thought. The main doors opened outwards, and a set of chrome stairs extended down no more than fifteen feet from where I was standing. Oddly, I never felt the urge to run. I just looked up at the five of them, and thought, "man, are they ever tall."

__   And thin. The men and women both, like ballet dancers standing six and half feet tall. Their hair was black, and their eyes were dark. Two of them wore suits of armour like you'd see in museum, and carried these tall banners with purple flags on them. The others were in these dark blue robes. They looked around them, seemed to be surveying the now silent crowd. I believe that both sides knew that they were standing at a cross roads in time.

_  _ The one in the front, who later turned out to be Martext, their official ambassador to us, was the first to come down the stairs. I knew somewhere inside that I should be backing off. I heard the army guys cocking their weapons, but I just stood there. "If they open fire," I remember thinking, "we're dead. Please God, don't let them shoot."

__   Martext got to the bottom of the stairs, and he stepped softly, almost hesitantly, onto the pavement. He looked down at his feet, and muttered something softly. I was the only one to hear it. "The eagle has landed," he said. He shook his head slightly and smiled.

__   At the the time, I had no idea that Armstrong had said those same words a century before. I grew up during the Collapse, so I didn't know the significance of it. But it was the fact that this man from another world spoke perfect English that shocked me out of my silence.

__   "Hi," I managed to get out, "how ya' doin'?"

He raised his head and looked me square in the eyes. I must have seemed as alien to him as he was to me, because he stopped smiling.

__   "I'm fine. Thank you."


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