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Neucleo Tide Systems


NTS - Spectre
Damage: 7D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 50
Range: 5000 ft




NTS - Phantom
Damage: 2D6 x 10 MD
Capacity: 30
Range: 2500 ft

Weapons Detail_________________________________________________________

_ A very prestigious weapon the NTS company aims high and big. The Cartisan race is a very elegant and regal race, there fore they endevour to create immense things, and the Spectre and Phantom are that.
_ Using an incredibly intricate system of graviton pulse and reflex energy technology, the energy blasts from these would cripple many ships. Far advance from many other weapons companies. And NTS knows it.
_ Intended for use in space exploration defense and conquest they provide more than enough support for a one man army. So they are extremely expensive, a minimum of 100 times the top price other corps offer. However for the NTS company very inexpensive to mass produce, using yet secret technologies.
_ The only other company that makes a comparable weapon using a similar system is Hammond. NTS doesn't beleive they are a threat.


Who is Neucleo Tide Systems?

_ NTS is a company that was formed of an alliance between two races. The Cartisans and the Icophans. The Cartisans are a race not much unlike the human race, although much more rich in resources and comodity, giving for a very ornate culture. The Icophans are a Mechanoid Race, their very exsistence is a mystery very peace loving and ingenious, unusual for a techno being.
_ The Cartisans were already an extremely lucrative business people, traveling the known universe collecting and exchanging in business. When the two encountered each other they had nothing to exchange other than knowledge. (power) An alliance was form quickly and with little debate.

_ NTS supports many scientific establishment throughout the known universe. Funding research in Travel, Resource management, Social communications, and many more. Its weapons dealings is said to have stemmed from their need for defense, this proved to them later to be a great monetary opportunity. The NTS will not support mercs, criminals and illegal war acts. If they here of the abuse of their own weapons, they will intervene as they see fit and repossess what is theirs. They are highly regarded for this and feared by many as one of the universal powers.


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