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The Nimb

~ The Nimb, one of the tiniest industrial racial classes that has ever been seen. This class of alien has made its name known for being an overly populated and very resourceful race. Building ontop of building. Their name speaks wonders to the cause of micronization. Yet their acheivements in making small things is paled in comparison to their construction of big things.


~ As a culture the Nimb do not have a hive type mentality in classification, however some see their union in thinking and sharing in motivations as a likeness to a hive drive. The Nimb have each their own personality and individual freedoms, however as a society they are very closely tied to each other, having no sovereign nation states or competing corporate sectors. They possess a 'near' psychic bond with one another. Meaning that they are extremely empathetic in nature, prone to know the very emotions of others by just looking at them. This sort of empathy is evident in their lucid and somewhat quiet linguistics. Embuing words only in technical contexts, descriptors to them are felt, not defined.

~ This leaves the Nimb as a very unanimous creature when it comes to their understandings of their world. They all share the same beleifs, in that some sort of force of nature begot them all life. This is then carried to the next generation of Nimb and is kept alive in all their colonies. All of this however has also breed a very terrifying weakness in them all. Loneliness will almost always result in the Nimb dieing if left to their own faculties. Imprisonment and segregation is an assured death penalty for any Nimb. This may be why they experience so little criminal type behavior socially, that and the fact that the individual doing the crime, will always feel the consequences of their actions, a sort of super - social - conscience.

~ It is with this common society that they have made such great leaps in social evolution and technological advacements. Communally they do not class them selves in any kind of category. What one has made others will do the same soon there after. Individual styles may be held and respected, yet their great capacity to share those moments of individuality gives into a greater individuality. For example, a Nimb working as an artist for a time will make a masterpeice that will bear his name, however after a time his name will become a well known style emulated by many other Nimb there after, with equal respects for acheiving that well liked style. This is equally shown in their massive architecture on their home-world of Nimuth, the scale which is unprecendent for their own size as a species, with temple like buildings reaching into the lower stratosphere. As one explorer commented, "Mountains of alloy and crystal, the shear awe of power by the people."

Their culture is vastly different from many others, however one has to stop to wonder at their acheivements and constant application of ideas. Many wonder how far they will go as time passes and they expand into the far reaches of the Universe.


IQ: 3D6
ME: 2D6
MA: 2D6
PS: 1D6
PP: 3D6+2
PE: 2D6
PB: 3D6
Spd: 2D6+5

SDC: 5 +1D6
ISP: (x2 normal)

Size Level: 2
Build: Medium
Height: 6 + 1D6 Inches
Weight: 3D6 ounces
Sexes: Male and Female
(With little determinable differences to the uneducated eye. Females tend to have much finer paterns on their bodies, sometimes with bright colors.)

Scientific Data
Reproduction/Life Cycle:
Heterosexual - viviporous
Gestation - 3 months
Life Span - 80 years
Maturity - 8 years

Natural Abilities
Capable of reading emotions (97%)
Mechanical Intuition:
Not the Skill but, all species will receive a (+15%) bonus when they take any technical or mechanical skill.
Size Chart


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