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NAME: Bith
AKA: Bus
RCC: Nimb
(Language is Nimb)
OCC: Nimb Builder
Exp Level: 4
HP: 17
SDC: 24
IQ: 12
18 (+2)
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Weight: 12 ounces
Height: 9"
Physical Traits:
Bith is a Black and Yellow Nimb, with a
particular yellow stripes under his eyes.
RCC Abilities:
Empathetic: (97% read emotions)
Mechanical Intuition: (+15%)
Weapons and Equipment
Standard PDA (80MDC)
Micro Plasma Rifle (4D6MD)
6 weeks of sustainable food
- (made for 3 Nimb)
2 sets of clothes
Portable communication unit
(Used mostly in conjuction with the
Mechs onboard computer system.)
MPM Mech


Computer Program
Basic electronics (65)
Computer: Operations (80)
Computer: Programing (65)
Computer: Repair (60)
Mechanical Program
Mechanical Engineer (75)
Electrical Engineer (80)
Pilot Program
Navigation (70)
Astrogation (60)
Read Sensory (50)
Weapons Systems (60)
Pilot: Robotic Vehicles (76)
Pilot: (Nimb) Speeder bike (74)
Pilot: Hover Craft (70)
Pilot: Jet Pack (58)
Weapons Proficiencies
Energy Rifle
Secondary Skills
Mathematics: Basic (65)
Mathematics: Advanced (65)
Radio: Basic (65)
First Aid (65)
Athletics (--)
Running (--)
Climbing (82)
Swimming (82)
Hand to Hand: Expert
Att: 3
Str:+4 / Par:+6 / Ddg:+6
Roll&Pull:+3 / Init:+2


~ Bith, also known as Bus by his friends, comes from a average middle class Nimb mining colony called Minus'. His early childhood was wrought with misfortune, the colony was nearly decimated first by an encounter with a pirate cluster, then by a near fatal collision with a meteor and the central complex. The colony itself was too far out to be aided quickly by the home worlds, so on many occasions their supplies would run low and many would leave the colony. Bith's own family considered themselves the founding Minus' members, his father, a greater crew cheif in the mining colony, held high connections to many levels of the Nimb aristocracy or elder class. This gave Bith a little extra lee-way when having to deal with matters of the law in the area, his father was always willing to bailing him out of trouble.
~ It was when Bith was of coming of age at 12 years, he found himself in his first real predicament, faced with the loss of his mother to a Septula clansmen, Bith sold himself for her life. The Septula are an old race of space fairers who have made a living on the rim worlds and taking advantage of "less-experienced" space races, using them as slaves and creating a black market style crime family. Bith survived nearly a year alone with only a small group of other Nimb, acting as pets for the overlord K'thard. Bith never prided himself on what efforts he made to escape, but when he did, he didnt spare the wrath of the elder Nimb warriors, who upon hearing of Biths escape and the underhandedness of the Septula race staged an epic battle on them, Bith himself acted as a guide to the Warriors, leading them to the interior of the Septula Battle station, in what is now called, amonst the Nimb the battle of Nartaca, remembered for their first full frontal war that would give them a name amongst the stars.
~ Bith returned to his family and was given full honours, allowed to be educated as a "Builder", no longer as a "Rider" or worker, although grateful for the opportunity Bith never forgot the Riders he left behind, he was alway fond of their being on the outskirts of all the colonies, satisfing some sort of a need to explore. Bith appreciated his family greatly also and would often travel back to the Minus' colony to visit and help his father with the work on hand, ever ensuring that their supply quota was always met.
~ Bith was now a Builder, and his experience at riding the Mimps (MPM-multi-purpose mechs) proved to be an asset, he was given joint cheif role with the elder engineer Meyl. This gave Bith a greater lateral ability to explore on his own and take time to just enjoy riding his speeder bike. Bith's lifestyle of good would change quickly however.
~ As joint cheif Builder, Bith was also in charge of safety and of hazardous materials containment, this was common place and always acknowledged, yet just once in a while Bith would test his own limits, challenging his fears. The Nimb are a skiddish race, who would much rather avoid dangers, instead of facing them down, Bith tried to challenge that thinking.
~ One day during a construction project on a space mission complex out in the proving grounds of space, the team encountered an unusual phenomenon. A giant vortex of sorts suddenly burst off the bow of the experimental shuttle, thought at first to be an Ionic storm caused by the shuttles experimental drive, many of the cheif crew wanted to abandon the area, Bith refused, and loading up his Mimp, raced on towards the glowing swirl in space. Its appearance was definately frightening, and Bith knew that what he was doing was extremely dangerous, but he forced himself on, taking readings and relaying data to the others. When suddenly the vortex began to become more and more violent, slowly turning into a opening Rift or warp hole, realizing what was about to happen Bith struggled to escape invain. Five hours later, he would awake in a whole other world.