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The NIMB Power


Personal Defense Armor
The Nimb PDA

This little developement serves the Nimb well, a small self contained environmental suit, adding astronomical strength and energy to such a small creature. Used in defense, exploration and industrial production it is, like most of their developments, the all around multipurpose armored suit.

To add to that, the use of micronized nuclear generators and plasma converters aid in powering the suits and their containment feilds. Capable of sustaining over 80 MDC damage. Their weapons systems are also an amazing micronian invention. With a capacity of 20 blasts these little plasma blasters are capable of 4D6 MD/blast.
Bonuses: +5 Parry and Dodge / +2 Strike

Multi Purpose Mech
The Nimb MPM

Using the same techniques used in making micronization technology, these little guys just reverse the theory; Build bigger to build bigger. The Nimb MPM is primarily a industrial purpose mech used to construct even larger structures. This doesnt mean that its a vulnerable little machine however. Fully manuverable and decidedly under estimated in its speed.
Speed: (50 mph on land / 300 hovering)
Bonuses: +1 attack / + 2 parry/dodge / +1 strike
Total Strength of the Mech is equal to 40 PS
Crew: 1 (plus 3 Nimb passangers comfortably)
Includes a small storage space for crews personal items.

The MPM is also equiped with two powerful Particle Beam / Ion Canons on it shoulder mounts. These are Multi-funtion Osilator canons, giving it freedom to create a wide range of blast mediums. From precision cutting tools to disruptor rays to pure barium particle beams. All with an unlimited capacity. Very formidable.

The Sensory package located on the MPMs back, uses an incredible amout of communication and computer readout systems. The Nimb use the MPM on occasion to do reconaisance and scientific exploration. The package includes the absolute in sound systems, radar and sonar, a complete light array using infrared to ultra-violet imaging, complete pitchblack readings, night sight, search lights, motion detection. Also the packs science station uses many different molecular and radiation detection monitors, added to that a full medical suite and Bio scan unit. The whole Mech control is directly linked to the pilot through an environmental telepath response relay and several physical control mediums, where the pilot can switch from reative response system to task control or computer assisted control, allowing the pilot to make fine movement with no worry of screwing up if startled.

MPM detail

Main Body - 200
Legs - 100
Arms - 60
Cannons - (2) 60
Hover Jets - (4) 80
Sensory Mount - 120
(Disabling the sensory will blind the unit giving the pilot a -4 on all rolls to stike, parry and dodge.)
Weapon Systems:
MO Cannons
Setting 1
- 2D4 x 10 SDC
Setting 2
- 1D4 MD
Setting 3
- 2D6 x 10 MD

Hand to Hand
Punch 1D4 MD
Body Slam 2D4 MD
The Nimb Domicile

In the epitome of the Nimb technocracy, in what is now called Macronization, the Nimbs constructed this massive free standing Megalopolis, calling it their Domicile. Commonly used by them in colonization, the Domicile offers everything that a Nimb would need or ever want in a living environment. Many other races veiw the Nimb as a threat because of these monstrosities. They are very capable of delivering a incredible power to any war effort. Covered in a plethora of weapons the Domicile is very domineering over any other craft of its type, not to mention, it is guessed that the Nimb have aproximately well over 100 of these monsters on surface and in orbit around their 3 home worlds, not including the Domiciles currently in production.

Because of the small size of the Nimb themselves, its is impossible for almost any other race to attempt to take a Domicile over, with out micronizing them selves or using micronian robots. The interior of the Domicile is that of a elaborate web of tunnels and corridors made specifically for the Nimbs size. Giving a foot in diameter to most halls.

Height: 900ft (300m)
Weight: 3'645'000 tons (dry)
Total Number of Weapon systems
- 1600 cannons (with damages varing into the 1000s)
- Undetermined onboard storage
- No known primary systems
MDC: Yet undetermined
Force feild generators guessed at 10000 MD
(regeneration) at 1000 per minute)


Conquest Canon
The Nimb Conquest

As if the Domicile was not enough, the Nimb had to develope a titanic weapon for it. The Conquest, although develped to accesorize the Domicile, is a very self sufficient battle ship. The Nimb developed the Craft to counter the movement of several other races attempts at removing them as a threat to their own efforts. There are as many if not more Conquests produced and in production as there are Domiciles.

The space canon is capable of leveling entire planets in a orbit to surface strike. Not quite capable of actually destroying the planet itself though, howerver rumors have it that the Nimb may be working on such a World devastator weapon design, capable of rending a planet to meer asteroids. This sort of arms race is against any and all Interstellar conventions. The Nimbs rumored involvement in such research and their enmassing of a tremendous armada of giant battle ships, gives many others in the galactic community something more of a reason to treat the Nimb with great diplomatic caution.

MDC: Undetermined
Sheilds are estimated at 6000 MD
(Regenerating at 500 per minute)
Primary Weapon Damage: 5D6x1000 MD
(Firing Once every 5 minutes)

Secondary Weapons:
Aproximately 500 defensive systems
Damages varing into the 1000's