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These are the characters that dont quite fit into any of the other categories, with exception to rifts, because almost anything is possible there.

Ill draw your attention for instance to the character on the right here. A character created for a Fantasy game, but not the Palladium Fantasy RPG. No he was made for a game, using the famous Megaversal Palladium System, but not related to any of its worlds.

These are Characters generated on the Outside. A culmination of out own imagination and any combination of Palladium books.


Despune, a catling creature.
Primarily a Archer or Ranger.

Motley, a favorite of mine, she's a combination of years of research into Animal Mutant capabilities, and a Frankenstein syndrome. Motley has nearly Thirty or more different animal abilities. From leathal poisons to a soft down under coat.

SlipJacks Character

Bowden Kai Finn

Bowden is a large (6' 7"), happy, none too bright, young man who trusts easily and loves a good brawl fight, not to mention a good drink. Such as it is, he is very easily angered, infact, he will quite purposefully misinterpret something someone says just so he can beat the snot out of them. All said however he fights honourably. Bowden prefers to travel light, as he doesnt ride horses, and usually finds himself running everywhere.

Character created by SlipJack

Butterbee Bumblefly

Height: 5' 4" / Weight: 180lbs (heafty lil' guy)

Disposition: Happy, optimistic and openminded,
almost childish in nature.

Butterbee is a short, pudgy, completely bald man. He has broad prominent features and no facial hair at all. (no eyebrows or eyelashes for that mater, makes sweating an issue for him.) He is always smiling. He wears a rough hewn travel toga, an da simple backpack. This makes him look like a lil Buddha. His hands and feet are a little larger in proportion than an average mans, a trait gained from his hobbit-like ancestory.
He has 6 bumble bees that travel with him always, hes rigged up a small, sometimes temporary, ornamental travel hive for them on his back and around his sholders.

Character Created by SlipJack


If you like this character profile or any of the others above and wish to have a picture of your own character let me know, and I will see what I can do for you.