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Rapid Fire Arms


RFA - Hold Out
Damage: 5D6 MD
- Capacity: 30
Range: 700 ft

Weapons Detail_____________________________
  • _ The Deadly RFA HoldOut, with the capacity to whitle down any threat. Light, Compact, Extremely Fast and plays host to some of the most expensive and feared ammunition in the universe, ViroTacs. It is the miniturized Rapid Fire technology that they are truely famed for, creating a EM gauss action in a pistol.
  • _ The RFA HoldOut on its own is very potent, able to empty an entire clip in less than a micro second, its potential is incredible, using an advanced form of EM pulse and gauss technology. One attack will release an entire magazine of powerfully explosive Ram Jet rounds. This means that in one attack the RFA will (Using Standard Palladium rules) do (5D6 x 10) on an entire magazine or (5D6 x 5) using half a clip. All in 1 attack!
    _ NOTE: A spray is not possible, the speed of the actuall trigger mechanism is far to fast to cause a spread. What will happen is the character would just fire a stream of several shots in some random direction. Chances are the character will NOT hit his/her intended target.

  • _ ViroTacs are an advanced form of ammunition, even now, as advanced as many of the Corps are, these little destroyers are still under much scrutiny. The ViroTac is a very small targeting Nanobot. Taken from technology used during what is called the Virotech wars, part of the robotics raged campaigns, they lock on to a target and track it untill it hits it or is stopped in the process. This means that if once fired they miss, they will come back again, locked onto a specific target. Theyve been known to travel for miles to reach its destined target, so long as the target is within (700 ft) they will hunt it down.
    _ Damage for the round is same as above for the first two strike attacks, the first attack using the character bonuses, the second the VT has a (+5) to strike. Every round after that the Damage is reduced to half, and the VT is running off of its own nuclear energy. It is an explosive round and is not entirely reliant on its projection from the EM barrel of the gun, the single ram jet round relies on a simple form of traction and nuclear dynamics, using the kenetic energy collected from passing particles and a combined micro fission EM emitter generator with in itself. The single round actually surrounds itself in an enevelope of penetrating energy and a field which collects free atoms passing by it to use as fuel, that is split and released in a controled force through tragectory valves. This also means however that the round does leave behind it a short ion trail, making it tracable for about 5 minutes.
  • _ Another round used by the RFA market is a less potent, but just as deadly round, the amp round is another ramjet variant, yet lacking the nuclear detonation and generator. It uses a simple ionic drive to tag and trace its target. The initial firing from the barrel of the RFA still has potential EM energy behind it though, doing 3D6x10 SDC, later guided strikes by the individual round itself only does 5D6 SDC.


    RFA - Look 209
    - Damage: 5D6 MD
    - Capacity: 100
    - Range: 5000 ft

Weapons Detail______________________________________
  • _ The RFA Look 209 is a Military specialist weapon. Another light, durable, compactable and incredibly fast weapon from Rapid Fire. Its potential and adaptability is suited for almost any senario or situation. Using the same principles as the RFA HoldOut, the Looks powerful capacity is almost limitless. A favorite amongst many Corporate Assasins and Business men alike, it even folds down into a neat little carrying case.
  • _ Once again RFA holds the record for the Fastest firing weapon in the known universe. The Look 209 offers what the Hold out has and more. The inhanced power of its ammo and its increased capacity allows for doing much more damage.
    _ The standard rules are adjusted for this weapon.
    _ A single attack will empty half of its magazine doing (x10) damage. (5D6 x 10) in a single attack.
    _ Emptying the full 100 rounds will do (x20) damage. Making (5D6 x 20) in a single attack!
  • _ A handy feature on these weapons is the new Auto Clip Loader. Once one clip is emptied another replaces it instantly, upto 4 clips it a time. This is done on the base of the weapon where there is space for 4 clips. The character just places the clips in and lets loose a barage of fire.

Who is Rapid Fire Arms?

_ RFA is a weapons specialist agency. They are a policing and mercenary outlet. If one requires a special job done they may seek out a rogue merc or come for a professional one.
_ The RFA trains and supplies assasins, mercenaries, body gaurds, security and feild specialists for many purposes, all one needs is the cash to pay them. They are also a research and developement firm for many companies, including some of the other major weapons corps like
_ They have no quarms about dealing with known criminals and mercenary groups. They may even supply weapons to both sides of a waring nation. RFA weapons and services however, does come with a large price tag and not too many can actually afford their services, so the RFA weapons are not as common as many may think. Rapid Fire does many dealing with other weapons corps also, selling, smuggling and modifying other companies weapons, these they sell at reasonable rates in many RFA gun shops all over.


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