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SAM Boxster Munitions
[ South American Militia ]

  • SAM - SMBB-4 (Block)
    • Damage: 4D6 MD
    • Pulse rate: x5
    • Capacity: 200
    • Range: 450 ft

  • SAM - SMPG-6 (PolyGun)
    • Damage: 4D6 MD
    • Pulse rate: x10
    • Capacity: 200
    • Range: 600 ft

Weapons Detail_____________________________

_ The Block (SMBB-4) is a primarily defensive weapon, its sole purpose was to pose a formidable close range repulser blast.
_ It has two uses, the first and most obvious is as a weapon. It has a 5 blast variable setting. It can fire 1-5 blasts with a single pull of the trigger. This is shown in damage by multiplying the (4D6) damage by the number of blasts, up to (x5).
_ The Second utility with the Block was as a defensive force feild generator. A feild could be formed up to (50ft) away, specifically building a 10 to 20 ft square of energy sheilding, depending on the settings used. A single Feild pulse can sustain (5D6 x 10 MDC) per blast pulse and last for as long as (1D6) minutes. This smaller feild uses 20 blasts off a clip
_ A full continuous feed will build a feild up to 30 ft square and be able to resist upto (3D4 x 100 MDC), this is when the character is holding the triger in place and aiming it at the area they want to defend, removing them from taking any other actions during that melee. The full feed feild will last as long as 1D4
times the number of rounds left in the Energy clip.
(A full clip has 200 rounds or 1D4x200 minutes.)
_ Note: The weapon cannot be used for 1D6 melees after a full feed feild is attempted.
_ The feild uses repulser energy, or graviton pulses. When fired the actual environment is unaffected until the character locks the sheild settings on his or her weapon. The sheild conforms to whatever surounds it forming a wall of energy, that later when looked for will reveal trace lines on what ever the feild touched. Once locked in place nothing can enter or leave through it, being pushed back as it were. If the character in holding a full feild must move the feild is then reduced to a smaller one, as above, and they cannot use the weapon for 1D6 melees. This
is one of its major draw backs.
_ The PolyGun (SMPG-6) was a later adaptation that did not include the feild generation system. Rather it was much faster than the Block, capable of up to 10 blasts per attack or pull of the trigger. Both weapons are accepted as the most durable and affordable special weapon on the market. They can survive the most punishment and have no effect on it effeciency in any environment.

Who is SAM Boxster Munitions?

_ SAM or South American Militia is a military college on Earth that was formed after the Unification of the South. Its main objective was to train peace keeping officers to maintain criminal activity in South America.
_ The college grew in size and capabilities as time past. During that time many companies were seeking sovereignty over the geographical governments, so in an effort to increase its already huge size and variety SAM began its own crusade for independence from the local South American government, with the backing of several large world sponsors it became its own democracy and independant governmental corporation. Selling its training and cartel to anyone who would take it.


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