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TC 4 'Horizon' Passenger car

~ Transportation and the need for speed. This seems to be a constant universal, first the need to travel with less the energy cost it would to walk and second to explore beyond your physical capabilities. The push to make them faster and more traverse comes from another constant, time. The faster you are the more you can leverage time for what ever you like, that and the fact that faster is funner.

~ Vehicular activity of the future is no different than that of any other time, just the technology to travel is of a much higher level, meaning the ability to navigate at high speeds with sometimes little or no interaction between the passenger and the vehicle, or the absolute in drive control. Pilots of the future take for granted the years of technowizardry that went into building such high tech vehicles, those that do are generally mechanics and engineers them selves, but like the computer, to pilot it you dont need to know whats in it.

~ The multitudes of vehicle types and styles is such then that there no longer exists a 'stock' type car or craft, the dealerships are generally set up where the consumer comes in and selects what they would like in shape, color, contour, power, capability, practicality and just the overall design. Many companies will produce several hundred design types a year and market them like postcards. Its the engine and drive manufactures that lead the edge in vehicle standards. The outside of every car may be different, yet the innerworkings are almost standard issue with companies, following safety and test records, regulations in regards to power output, environmental factors, mechanical understanding and basic physics. So many vehicles may look completely different, they just may be the same.

~ Concepts in new designs follow the applications of the antigrav systems, Light speed and Hyper speed drives, traveling many times the speed of light, the navigational onboard computer controls, the piloting readiness, structural integrity, and the list goes on. When considering thes things one has to understand that the future has fantastic technological levels, which are so diverse from one end of the known universe to the other that the possibilities are almost limitless. Finding the figural epicenter of technocratus may be difficult, although huge cultural and economic centers have arose in the universe the technology that keeps them bounding comes from all over. Some still use primitive ships, some the most sophisticated for their galaxy, however that only means somewhere, someone is building a better car.


the manufactures
~ Look at the following vehicles as only shells, what you build inside them is up to you, these are only Personally Designed Craft (PDC) fitting to the user or pilot. If you like what you see and think you would like a PDC of your own, contact the manufactures and give them you preferences and describe what you like, or you may just want to select a predesigned model based on someone elses creative touch.


KC 11-73 SpaceWorks