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_The Xenos (Zenos)
are a strange class
of Aliens to Earth.
They exsist very
seperately from all
other Races. They
havent even given
any other race, a
name to call them
by other than evil.
Xenos by all other
terms refers to a
_They have lived for
eternity, and nobody
knows where they
have came from. Its
speculated that not
even they know.

Scientific Classification of the Species

Alien Designation Number (ADN): CX-1
Racial Character Class (RCC): Xenos - Nephlites

Scientific Classifications:

  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Class : Poliphibia
  • Order : Primate
  • Family : Hominidae
  • Genus : Homo
  • Species : Homo Electricus Sapien
  • Subspecies / Varieties : varies

Diet : Omnivorous


  • Hermaphrodite : Oviparous
  • Gestation : 1 - 2 years
  • Number of Offspring : 20 - 40

Life Span : 20000 years
Maturity : 5 years (Prime - 16000)

Medical Approach:

  • _The Nephlites have an unusual anatomy,
    internally silicon and carbon based, not seen
    in any other species. Poliphibius structures,
    highly adaptable organs, help them survive
    in almost any conditions. These organs are
    able to resist complete Dehydration to absolute
    Freezing. They are able to breath multiple
    type gases, underwater and overland. They
    have no environmental restrictions either.
    Consider consulting Amphibious and Silicoid
    type species.
  • _The Medical records are limited, due to
    the Xenos isocentric and isolated cultural
    bounds. Psychologically they are completely
    driven by their customs and ideals. When
    dealing with an individual Nephlite, consider
    their attitude toward you before you confront
    them, they do not like other species, and
    consider themselves far superior. This is a
    cultural idemnity.
  • _The personality of a Nephlite is highly
    determined by their station in life within their
    society. However, they are extremely intelligent
    and intellectual, and may even challenge you
    to many debates, if not just puzzle you with words
    of contempt. The odd few, that comply and do
    offer insight into their worlds are often frightened
    by other races. Xenophobia is high.
  • _Cautionary Note, the Nephlite is very empathetic
    and may take advantage of your emotions, they
    possess many other mental abilities. Some not yet
    recorded according to feild witnesses.
  • Upright bipedal stance.
  • 5 digits on hands and toes
    Including Bi-opposable Thumbs.
  • Skin is a smooth pale colour of either
    • Grey
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • Nephlites at times may give off
    a faint iridecent glow or aura.
  • Facial features have large bulbous
    eyes, small mouth and nose and
    a large cranium.
  • Absolutely no body hair present.