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Xenos Replicants, a nightmarish assimilation of their evil attempts at creating the ultimate killing machines. Used in war and assasination they are a frightening consequence of eons of conquest and destruction. The Xenos have taken great measures to assert their own dominance in the Galactic community, so their armies are of highest consequence to them. Able to assume any given military role and follow orders unflawed, these machines are unmatched in their strategic command of the battle feild and close quarter combatics.

It is assumed that they were first used 200 years ago in the forced assimilation of over 100 home worlds, yet now as the Xenos are asserting their self subjegation from all alliances, No one can attest to their specific strategies because of the swiftness and accuracy of the their attacks. No one world that has come under the attack of the Xenos armies has survived.






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