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For nearly 10000 years the Xenos have pervaded as one of the Universal powers. However, they have taken great liberties at attaining such a high esteem amongst the stars.

_ The Xenos are a very exclusive and seclusive race, they have built their entire culture on the ideology that they themselves are the Prime civilization of the universe, surpassing all other species in Universal Soveriegnty. 'Primus Nephlitus Solis Superanus' was their first human translated communication made with Terra Carina 37, a Universal listening station posted by Federal Space. Other wise read, the prime Nephlite species are universal over all. Even though they have made it known what their beleifs are and have given definite exhibition of their egocentric view, they have been allowed a seat in the Universal Counsel of Space Alliances. (UCSA)

_ As such, many are concerned with their presence, they are allowed to remain so long as they are a Universally established community of advanced space fairers, the UCSA is a non allied counsel that acts as a intermediary for all worlds to settle their disputes, it has within its clause not to interfere with the intentions of worlds, rather it acts as a judicial system only dispensing laws regarding the neutral space and giving counseling grounds for waring parties to meet. Neutral space is a vast amount of space that is centered by the UCSA and not in conjunction with any known race of sentient beings. The solarsystems and sometimes the galaxies of individually established races may not come within their jurisdiction. Most undeveloped fledgling worlds will also fall under the UCSA's protection. The Xenos Nephlites are a part of that counsel in only name, they have refused to be part of a unworthy gathering of 'under developed' minds. Rather they have sanctioned what quarters of space they claim as their own. This claim has been a very large part of many races disputes with the Nephlites Dominion, considering the great volume of its size when compared to many other races claims, and how many worlds it may contain.

_ There is another union of alliances, the Gatom, known to humans as the ARC or Alien Races Collective. Established to maintain integrity among individual self proclaimed superpowers and set the universal balance. They are actively involved in settling disputes amongst worlds, moving allied military power to end wars. Combined of well over 60 races all allied together aiming to build a universal security counsel. This United alliance is still prone however to the UCSA and must abide by its counsel, so in the end the neutral space leaders have the final say. The Xenos are not apart of the ARC, giving its many actively involved wars as reasoning not to join, all the while acknowledging that they believe it to be dimunitive and not worthy of their presence.

_ This is the very reason they have the name Xenos, expressedly given to the Nephlites by the human activist and anthropologist Gaelen Jarvis. Xenos being stangers. Relating how uncooperative and apathetic they are towards other races, citing the fact that no Xenos will even cohabit the same world with any other species. Historical references to the late 20th century on Earth gives another incite on this human perception of the Xenos, showing near likeness to olden images dipicting alien abductors. This has given to suspicion but has been passed off as meer coincidence by the vast majority, those conceding to the Nephlites impressive manor in this regard. Gaelen Jarvis, as a leader in the study of the Xenos Nephlite race, began a coalition against the Xenos, regarding them as a threat to many. Although quite very influential Gaelen found himself in a loosing battle against all oposition, refering to him as a moon chaser and mythophyle. All alegations of previous Xenos human interactions were refuted and Gaelen was denied all evidences he could produce to deny the Xenos' presence about Earth. The Inter-Media coverage of the Xenos trial helped defined the Nephlites as the Xenos species, and they graciously accepted the human interpretation of their name, feeling that it gave them the distinction they wanted in being alienated from all other races. Gaelen still actively protests against the Xenos.

_ The Xenos Nephlites narcissistic understandings have a great deal of history and philosophy behind them. Their exact histories have been lost to many years of integral departure from their cultures of old. Almost non existent is their own past that many are not even fully sure where their original home world is, rather they maintain that what they know as a the Menah Galaxy is where their true beginings centered. The turmoil of their past is something that they beleive must be remembered only as a distiction of what is the perfection of their future. As cavemen are to scientists.

_ The Elder generations of the Xenos leave very little of essential history for the next generation, but that of their accomplishments and acheivements in study and science. Libraries of understandings and universal theories that 'must' be proven. The Generational gap is a very large one, given that their life may span 1000 years. Each time one generation giving all his understandings to the next to either be made universaly understood or proven wrong. This is the extent to the Xenos culture, very deprived of emotive essences, driven by a unsatiable hunger for knowledge and acheivement.

_ It is thought that tens of thousands of years ago, at the dawn of their own species the nephlites had pretty much what any race of beings would have, a home world with pleasures and disputes and wars and treaties. However none of that can ever be recalled in any way, lost as mysteries of a lost history. What may be known is that at some point they gained great power over themselves and acheived a great galactic community in which they thrived growing ever more powerfull. The best following study of the Xenos Nephlites, now call Xenopology, (study of unknown cultures) , gives us a unique perspective veiw on their cultural identification and the revolutionary rise to it. In the begginings of their assention to Galactic providence their arose a new pathos of thought that they may be the highest form of corporeal being in existence. This would have lead to a great upheaval in their known cultural identity and may have taken thousands of years to assert, yet as it did they would have lost their old thinkings, religions and histories. All the while building upon a new set of 'unified' beleif structure centered around race, science and ultimate dominion of themselves as a supreme being. This is echoed in what the Nephlites call the Thousand Year Wordings. Created by many scientific understandings that enveloped universals placing them in the center of the universe. One such significant writing was that of the Berilus Law.

_ Berilus' Law, can be attributed to the mathmatical law of Averages. The Law of averages stems from statistical understandings that all things great and small will always come to a middle or common finality in a scale, there in which lies the average. Berilus' Law states that all that is progressive will be retarded by that which is passive or average and weak, otherwise termed as digressive to Berilus.
_ The Xenos Berilus notes that the weak are a natural way of subverting the strong. "They [the weak] expend much of the natural energies [of the strongest] on gaining their position to survive, thus the energies [of the strong] are wasted on digression and not the natural progression of nature". He concludes also with the universal understanding of the survival of the fittest.
_ Berilus also states that only by aggression or complete focalization will progressiveness be attained. "Driving all the energies [the strengths] into very specific goals will produce exactness. Mistakes will be better cut out and determined by using a fuller understanding of all that matters [in scientific understanding]." On agressiveness Berilus makes it clear that as long as the goal is attained the means will alway justify the ends.

_ The Thousand Year Wordings, are very secretive and never to be issued amongst outsiders. It may well be considered the primary propaganda tool that the Xenos hold so tightly to in order to vindicate their position in the universe for themselves. It essentially provides them with a whole library to fall back on to support their authority in giving reason to subjegate their society and to 'protect' themselves from the corruptive influences of unworthy races. This also helps in the containing the Xenos in a unaltered state. Priding unity, special equality amongst themselves, the weeding out weakness and supporting roles that best suit the individual Nephlites needs. They define no religions or other beleifs outside the wordings and anything that may cause dispute. Its sole intent is to continue to centralize all thinking into study and enhancement for a furthering of the strong. All their ideas, thoughts, philosophies and identities are centered about the words in the universal manuscripts. All this has made for a mass cultural identity that cannot be undermined, even by themselves. The first creedence given to the Wordings over 10000 years ago was to be called the first wave generations.

_ The culling of the second and third wave began almost immediately after the inception of the Dominion or the Universal Counsel of Nephlites. This counsel began with the first law given in the Thousand Wordings, expand and explore, and define what is the Universe. This wave presented itself as an indomidable force raging across their Galaxy and to the next. They were full with ego and determination to establish themselves and give evidence to the power they possessed. Their whole focus was to take all that there was to take. This concept lasted for only one generation, but left a undeniable mark in their evidence of power. Destroying entire worlds, processing and making extinct thousands of bewildered races. When the third wave arrived to begin colonization, the Xenos had taken over well into the millions of star systems, close to 7 galaxies. And with the begining of the Xenos colonization so would end their reign of war like terror, only now new worlds were used as experimental grounds and dominions of slavery, processing vast amounts of raw materials for the Xenos.

_ The Third waves movement spread quickly, colonizing many more worlds and developing research centers beyond their existing borders. Many of the Xenos began to realize that they had become so wide spread and vast in numbers that small pockets of Nephlite communities began to get lost in the expanse of their regions. Nearly 7000 years have past since their founding generations began the conquest of their own galaxy and now they are far too large for any to imagine. Communication ties began to be broken and some communities splintered off, following their now inheirent need to explore. Many Xenos in the Dominion called for a gathering, a culling of the fourth wave. More than an entire century passed untill all but a few colonies were accounted for. The Fourth wave was thus began.

_ During this period it was reported that some of the expedition groups from the Xenos discovered a vast multitude of other races all in one location. Other races that had developed space travel and began their own colonization efforts. This dissagreed with nearly all of the Dominion counsel and they established with the use of documents of the Thousand words that they should be supreme over all these races. The wordings of another great Nephlite was recalled, "All are to enrich the universe in diversity and that all other life will exist, however only one dominant lifeform will rule over it all." Like a sentient life possessing its homeworld so too should the Xenos Nephlites possess the Universe.

_ With the culling of the fouth wave many of the colonies returned to the Core Dominion worlds, once again to strengthen lines of communication and the bonds of knowledge built into the Thousand wordings. The Xenos gathering left very little to trace them back from their once colonized and raped planets. The fourth wave was made not only to gather together but to ensure that safety could be won in numbers by token of increased population density. They abandoned nearly half of their ursurped galaxies and worlds, leaving only a small few outposts to survey and keep safe the Xenos secrets.

_ The then growth of many Worlds other than the Xenos would finally lead them into coming into contact with one another. This contact was not a hostile confrontation, but rather one of entreaty to join an alliance of worlds in a mission of peace and exploration. The group was Gatom, the prefounders included only a handfull of allied races. the Xenos in an attempt to ensure that the alliance would not conflict with their intrests allowed themselves to be named amongst them. The Xenos needed to ensure that what they had done need not come to light with these new comers just as of yet, they felt that subverting the aliens alliance would be in their best intrest at that time, untill they decided to test the Xenos supremecy. "Animals, and savages, they will make fine labor someday when we need them, best not tax them into non-existence, and waste our endowed energies just yet." The words were echoed amongst the sentiment of their Dominion.