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Graymalkins Companions

Ana and Ganther

Ana & Ganther

These two very loyal friends and servants to Graymalkin are the keepers of the Castle Rock Hearth. Their specific origins are kept rather secretive from others. Graymalkin knows of their histories a little, what he has come to know of them has come of their close ties to each other.

Ganther was found by Paddock, alone in a open blood drenched field, wounded in a tribal battle between Orcs and Ogres. Ganther was an unusual Ogre, with the properties of a Mage on his side. This however led him to his own demise, hated by other ogres, being beaten to near death, in a sudden subterfuge effort by a group of his own wanting it to look as though the Orks did it. Paddock in his pandering through the battle field looking for items of intrest, stumbled over Ganther. Reluctant at first Paddock knew of the nature of Ogres to be mindless monsters, however in admist all the carnage that was Ganthers body he seen some element of good. Paddock brought Ganther back to the Castle Rock Hearth, where him and Graymalkin nursed him back to health. Ganther gave the two his sole oath to be their loyal servant. In exchange for that Graymalkin felt it obligatory to give Ganther full use of the Castle Library and help him on his pursuit of knowledge and magical powers.

Ganther was to be a powerful Ogre, growing in strength of body and mind. Graymalkin looks at Ganther as a father would a son, seeing in him great political potential, as Ganther quite often spoke of the day of Gathering when once again the world would be united in friendship. Saddly however, Graymalkin couldnt see that happening for many a millenia, hopefully Ganther would live so long.

Ana the beautifull

Ana's own past is more of a arcane secret than that of all the rest. She just one day appeared outside the Castle knocking on its gates crying for help. She later told Gray that she had been drawn to the Castle because of the Good that she sensed with in its walls. Her hope was that its healing properties would give her releif from, what she calls a curse of the flesh. She has never shown anyone what her true appearance is. Under that mask of bandages lies something no man can look upon with out having his flesh torn in two and his mind lost to the creatures within it. She tells of a time when as a young elven princess she was very narcisitic, very pridefull in her beauty. When one day, during her fathers festive harvest gathering tribute, she was forced to visit his kingdoms peasant villages, upon entering every one of them she noted quiet very loudly how utterly distastefull they were and how ugly she found them. One such peasant saw this and called evil down on her. She hearing it told her body gaurds to kill the man that said those words. Before his death he cryed a chant that would forever curse her for her disgraceful act. Fearfull that the curse would turn her into a hideous creature she fled back to her home castle to hide. The next day when she peered into the mirror she seen even more beauty than she ever did before. Laughing at this, she said, she thought the old fool must have messed up on his stupid curse and made me more beautiful and not as ugly as himself or worse. However when she steped outside of her room she was nearly assaulted by men wanting after her. Even her own family turned into untamed beasts of lust for her. Dawning a mask she ran, until she came across the Castle Rock Hearth. Where she made a tryst with Graymalkin to become his servant in exchange for protection and provisions. She too was given full use of the castle.

Grinn is a pygmy dragon that Graymalkin has raised from a hatchling to now. He found his egg abandoned, a possible victim of Dragon slayers. Grinn is another loyal friend of the castle. Not very wise in terms of years or magical properties, but always a great conversationalist and comedian, in so many words. Grinn prides himself as the castle watch gaurd, always keen to danger.


The Toad Paddock

Paddock is a funny freak of nature, a Toadling possesing a good strong body and a firm mind. He is very prone to assume a criminal perspective on life, holding high value for honour amongst all, yet quick to look for the best opportunity to make good on any situation. One would assume that his relation to Graymalkin was an odd one, Gray being so very refined and Paddock being quite the opposite in all his uncouth manner. But no one would ever attempt to separate them. Paddock makes up for where Graymalkin could not, stating the obvious, making fun of a bad situation and giving into a strong handed approach when called for. He never had a urge to look deep into magic. He was raised along side Gray in the same manner, yet alway unattentive to his teachers. He considered himself to be the fight in the three witches curse when they created him. He took life as it was in Ireland, a fight for survival. So quite literally he sperned on his fighting urge to learn to be very defensive in ability. Building on his physical strengths and developing a keen sense of prowess in combat. He also took on a militant education, learning all he could at strategic games, besting Graymalkin at chess and sword play. Even so, he always admired Gray for his fortitude of intellectual pursuits, saying how amazed he is at Gray's abilities.

It was an unfortunate sequence of events that led to his capture and disappearance by a slaver from atlantis. As he would on many a day, he ventured outside the castle looking for a quick and easy fight with a troll, when almost out of nowhere rifted in a small horde of minions of the Splugorth from Atlantis. That was the last anyone of the castle did see of Paddock. So goes Graymalkins story of finding his missing friend.


The Profiler