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One can never get away with out having any little animals and pets running around in their worlds. Im here to support that. The Little Critters of Nature makes for a great composition in the back ground of any setting. Even harsh dark worlds in the throws of chaos.

Take our little friend with the gun, (above) most animals will learn to adapt to their environments if only for survival reasons, whos to say what actually goes through their minds.

Flying Kitty

The Neo-Australian Flying Cat

This interesting development in predetory activity gives great kudos to natural selection. The Flying cat can easily manuever through the air for short distances of over 120 feet of glide, with a good gust of wind have been known to hover up to 200 feet up in the air and get their bird prey. Their incredible climbing claws and vastly superior agility gives them tremendous advantages over their cousins the land dwelling cat. Yet, like the Cheetah, the Flying cat has the distinct disadvantage of being smaller and having less strength than the greater feline kind, giving in to scavengers that will attack them on the ground.

Tyraticus Polipredicus

The Tyrat

Originally Alien to Earth, the Tyrat is the most tenacious flying reptililian scavenger to ever grace this great planet. Their thick leathery forms and highly developed senses make them near more formidable and strong as a species as the cockroach or rat. The digestive system of a tyrat is one of the most complex forms of waste disposal and filtration ever found on any species. Combined with a poly-organic mix of bio-siliconoid structures and chemiosynthesis processes they may be one of the few creatures any one can say that can eat just about anything and gain from it. The species originated from a planet with low levels of gravity, so introduction to the Earthen atmosphere was feared to be fatal for them. However to many biologists delight, they adapted rather quickly, almost a complete evolution of species with in a single generation. Something rarely ever heard of. This lead many to fear the species possible destruction of the entire planets bioshpere. After some efforts by many the species was relocated to contained regions of wildlife preserves. It was later found that although extremely adaptable, their reproductive rates droped dramatically in Earths environment by nearly 90 percent. Meaning 1in10 Tyrat will actually reproduce once a year, generally giving birth to 6 - 8 young. Their over all life span will only reach 10 or 12 years.


The Toofut

These are another interesting imported species, brought to Earth by an aquatic dwelling race. The Toofut are an amazingly intelligent species. In a comparison chart may even outmatch a Earthling primate in intelligence scoring. They have even been observed communicating to one another in a similar fashion to dolphins and whales. They are a omnivorous creature, using many tentacles and contructed tools to hunt and even contruct protective shelters.
The Toofut are not strictly an aquatic based lifeform, they are well equiped to venture out of water also. An unusual cartigous structure can be formed internally by them to forment their bodies. Their many tentacles on the base of their bodies are very strong, able to move them across large distances of land, stopping every so often to reform a protective mucous membrane. As a species they are also very timid and can be frightened easily. So approaching one is done with great care not to frighten too much. Once the Toofut is used to their strange visitors however, they return the curiosty by gently touching them with highly sensitive tentacles or fingers.



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