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Ode to Graymalkin



 The homeland is one n’ere touched by the cataclysms of the rest of the world around it, yet it has changed, as history gives to change in time.  Its own waterlines keep it separated it from all other lands, its winds and air currents created an invisible wall of mist and mystery all about it. It is all but unreachable to the outside.  It was as though it had been singled out and concealed from the tumultuous chaos that was its neighbors.  The lands were historically far more peaceful and beautiful, but never as full of magical energy and the legacy of lore than now.  It holds cryptic messages, strange mounds and Paleolithic structures everywhere one wanders.  Rolling grasslands and majestic highlands, speak of its ever-entrancing mappings and changing species.  Spanning forests of undeniable darkness and alluring beauty.  Natural springs, streams and rivers, cavernous gullies and knoll hills, all giving shelter to creatures of all kinds great and small.  Survival is still difficult for the weak however; with all its tranquil beauty the land still borders the edge of eons of brutal violence embedded in its very soil.  The creatures and beasts of Old had returned, the Trolls, Orcs, Ogres and Goblins that once were driven to extinction on its lands by the driving pursuit of the human civilizations, passing them all into the annals of mythology.  The exact resurgence of the beasts of Old is vague, yet with them came the return of their counter parts, the Fairy folk; Elves (of all kinds), Nymphs and Sylphs, Nyads and Dryads, Pucks and Toadies, furry and winged critters of all kinds.  The Human populations were all but made extinct by their over-whelming growth.  Only the hardiest and cunning of all men and women could survive.  What the Orcish hordes didn’t leave to their demise, the fairies drove insane.  The land is now broken into small factionary settlements of individual races, each pitting their resources against the other races, through all this however, very little conflict ever happens.  Even so the tension can be felt, it is as though the land provides more than each one needs, satiating the desire for others lands, leaving only feudal and grudge battles to decide who’s more powerful.  This is the same land that the Fairy Lords have chosen to be their home.  The Lords of the fates, the Kings of the immortal elves, and the place mountain gods come to rest here.  It was as though this was to be the epicenter of all mythologies return.  This is the Greater Ire‘land.

 In the far North west side of Greater Ire’land sits Castle Rock Hearth.  Its Walls of Granite and finely quarried stone was built along side Bacchante’s grotto, enchanted with the properties of protection that is given only to the likes of King Arthur’s Camelot.  Nestled in a grand valley, along the seashore, not far from Miranda’s cove, where the mermaids gather.  The great lands themselves protect it, with the difficult terrain of the highlands about it, and the blessing of the cloaking mist of the sea.  The Great forest of the Hamadryad to its east up through the valley is filled with the enchantment of many fairy folk, and interlaced with roots and caves like that of a great labyrinth.  The trees themselves are imbued with powers unknown.

  With exception of the castles incredible stables and forges, the wealth within the walls of Castle Rock hearth is all the immodesties that any creature could have wanton for.  A Library boasting a great many books of the time and of times past.  A great hall showcasing many articles of antiquity, paintings and magical tapestries, all along with a great armory lining the corridors.  Many rooms are prepared for a large number of guests.  The Kitchen is ready to accommodate a small army for months. And the greatest part of the Castle is its observatory, laboratory and hall of magic.

  With all its unlimited mystique and wealth, the castle has been inherited by a humble wyrd, Graymalkin.  What Oberon intended for Graymalkin to do with this entitlement, as Land Lord, is unknown, yet since he has taken it, a great many have befriended the Castles realm, and given their allegiance to the new fairy landlord.  Which, in Gray’s mind, pleases Oberon, friends of fairies are friends to him, yet Oberon is often given to the wiles of his kind, and Graymalkin is never sure of what it is he wants of him, only that he knows how much of his life he owes to him.


 Many eons ago, some three witches aided an unnamed Duke to usurp himself into kingship. However, when all was said and done he failed to return his debt to the witches, so they went about creating two creatures, using their own familiars, that would extract revenge upon the wretched Duke. However before they even had a chance to prepare them for the assassination, the Duke was found out and executed by his own kingdom. This left the witches with a empty heart and a creation that had no longer any purpose for them. After much deliberation it was decided that they should be given to their god Oberon to do as he will with them, for a blessing on their souls. Oberon took the two creatures and gave them over to the fairy lords to raise and train as their servants. The three witches even in all their greed were "blessed", and soon there after were taken by the lands peoples and burnt on stakes. Oberon never made mention of the three again, only that they were in a blessed place, through time and space, where they could no longer do harm.

  Graymalkin prides himself as a noble man, gracing many in a gentile manner.  His pride however is not one of arrogance or gaudy opulence.  His riches have not blinded him to the fact that a humble person is a blessed one.  His origins are a bit vague, as is the island, which he beacons from, Greater Ireland.  He seems to recall being either a servant to, or a familiar for, the three wry witches.  He knows little of them, only that they offered him later to Oberon, King of the Fairies.  Under Oberon, Gray was raised by elves and fairies, being taught the secrets of magic and the arts of the magician.  Sleight of hand, Fleet of foot and Grace in form, he mastered the arts into a talent that soon became him.  Many times however, in a bout of self confidence, he was quickly reminded of his mortality.  He gave creed to what he believed were the Gods of fate, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Three lovely ladies that gave him his life that otherwise should have ended a long, long time ago. Fate was his religion and sacred superstition.  Even having held the sword of Pericles, read into the crystal ball of the Danaïdes and kissed the hand of the Lady of the Lake, for all his study and incredible intellect he is a still showman.



 The Grimalkin, are a rueful, spiteful, mischievous breed of fairy felines.  Raised in a corrupted culture of narcissistic anarchy, with a distain for all other creatures, these fairies are well known for their blatant attacks against not only humankind, but every creature unlike themselves.  Graymalkin is suspect to have been one of these deceitful creatures, or so many of the Grimalkin think. In actuality, although quite probable, no one is quite sure.  Having all this in consideration, they are one of Gray’s greatest threats, they consider him an abomination and a threat to their own pure being.  This is not only limited to a few Grimalkin is a small local either, the Grimalkin are an ungoverned community with close ties all over the world, even beyond Greater Ire’land. How they do this transindental communion is a mystery not even Oberon can answer too, yet what it means to Gray is that where ever he goes there could be a evil eye on him, with a rueful pride, just waiting to pounce.



 Twas the fifteenth day of the Eighth month of the One hundred and Seventh year of this the Post Apocalypse.  For 2 anums now, Paddock, the servant and friend that he knew so well, was stolen from his view by a treacherous creature.  Graymalkin knew nothing of its intents, but that it was a creature driven by a need for slavery. Not even the great ramparts about Castle Rock Hearth could have stopped it. The whole of Ire’land was at his door and nothing could have been done for the sake of dear Paddock. Graymalkin grew with rage at the creature, so having a sword of kisentite stone forged and giving rouse to his guardian gargoyles, to watch over his lofty castle, Graymalkin set out to find the lost soul of his endangered friend Paddock.

  This was Graymalkins calling, whence otherwise he was quite content in his safe haven Castle Rock Hearth on the damned island of Ire’land.  His sole purpose was to seek out and travel into the World, with little more than that which he needed to survive and his own self, only to locate his lost friend.  Friendship, he believed, was a pact that fate held for some that they nay nere forsake one another even when one is in mortal danger of loosing their life.

  With the help of a mystic familial strangeling creature, that once entrusted its life to Graymalkin with a tryst of friendship, gave him passage through a portal to the land of the Slavers, Atlantis. Graymalkin feared however that the strangeling mistook his balance and cast the wrong portal opening, which led him to the Americas.  In fact, it wasn’t the strangeling’s fault that this happened, but was a natural effect from Greater Ire’lands surrounding protection that creates unstable energy lines through it.  Irregardless, he now found himself lost and still on the quest for his friend.  Graymalkin made the best of what he could out of his journey and came to know the lands that held so much turmoil, outside of his homeland.




 In his travels, one of his most favorite items is a magical book that becomes what ever you decide you would like to read, holding in its pages many fictional stories and novels, a library of information, able to absorb the text of any book with the exception of magical texts.  Graymalkin uses this book in many cases to gain himself a meal or money on his journey, by reading aloud in public and private places.  Quite often though he will disguise himself as a human traveler so as not to frighten the locals with his feline visage.  Gray will always resort to methods of non violence if ever confronted.  He believes that it is more courageous to turn from a fight than to engage one full on.  He has no qualms with anyone himself, beside the misfortune of being the victim of prejudices and outsider hatred; Gray has never found it any good to have any partiality in opinions of character, creed or class.  In fact his experiences have if anything given him a good perspective on the ignorance that comes from being pre-judgmental, and will never abide anyone that does give it any thought.



  What lies in the future for Graymalkin is yet unknown, he has his quest for poor Paddock, and his personal cause in belief of fate, that leads him on his adventures.  What he does know is that Lord Oberon has kept him for some purpose, even if small, the fairy lord rarely acts out of sheer good will that won’t bring in a profit of some sort.

  Will Gray ever find his friend. Will he ever learn of his true origins, possibly leading him to Hecate, or having Oberon guide him on a path that will eventually tell all?  Masters only know… Lucas / Lot / Destiny / Clandestine ?


Graymalkin at Sword play



  • IQ: 24 ( +10% )
  • ME: 13
  • MA: 27 ( 92% )
  • PS: 9
  • PP: 18 ( +2 )
  • PE: 9
  • PB: 16 ( 30% )
  • Spd: 12

  • Heroic Magician ( HU2 )
    • Trained Mystic


  • Mutant Feline
    • Diliberately Created

Alignment: Scrupulous
Experience Level: four ( 4 )
Education Level: Doctorate (+30%)

  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Size level: 7
  • Build: Medium


  • HP: 29
  • SDC: 30
  • HF: 12 (+2 save vs.)
  • PPE: 120
    • Magic: 14+
    • Save vs. +3
  • ISP: 33

Natural Abilities:

  • Ambidexterous
    • +1 to parry
    • + 5% delicate
  • Night Vision ( 50ft )
  • Extrodinary: IQ
  • Extrodinary: MA
  • Claws: 2D6 SDC

Mystical Ablities:

  • Astral Projection
  • Sense Enchantment
  • Sense Evil
  • Sense Magic

Mystic Spells:

  • Level 1
    • See Invisible
  • Level 3
    • Negate Poison
    • Ignite fire
  • Level 4
    • Trance
    • Shadow Meld
  • Level 5
    • Heal Wounds
  • Level 6
    • Impervious to:
    • Tounges
  • Level 7
    • Heal Self
  • Level 8
    • Metamorphosis:
  • Level 9
    • Water to Wine
  • Level 10
    • Mystic Portal
    • Metamorphosis:
    • Dimensional
  • Level 11
    • Remove Curse
  • Level 12
    • Metamorphosis:
Physical traits / Disposition:
  • Graymalkin is appears to be a
    fully bipedal Black Cat. His
    demeanor and manner of dress
    and expression is reminescent
    of old english showmanship.
  • He prefers a clean strong face,
    giving to witty charm and a friendly
    smile. Always likable.
  • He has no quarms with anyone,
    aside from those that harm others.
    Always attempting to show no
    favoritsm or partiality in the face
    of difference and diversity.

  Note: Skill bonus +30 on primary Skills
   Also include a +10 for IQ.  [Total +40]
.  Secondary Skills only include IQ bonus

  • Read and Write
  • Mystic Training:
    • Spell translation [56]
    • Lore ( general ) [90]
    • Geomancy [85]
    • Religion [95]
    • Archeology [98]
    • Chemistry [98]
    • Holistic Medicine [90]
  • Sleight of Hand:
    • Juggling [98]
    • Card Sharp [84]
    • Concealment [76]
    • Palming [80]
    • Pick pockets [90]
    • Prowl [85]
    • Seduction [72]
  • Illusion and Magic:
    • Dance [90]
    • Disguise [85]
    • Escape Artist [90]
    • Imitate Voices / Noises [52/32]
    • TV / Video [81]
    • Surveilance Systems [90]
  • Science Study:
    • Computer Operation [98]
    • Advanced Mathematics [98]
    • Chemistry: Analytical [85]
    • Anthropology [80]
    • Biology [90]
    • Botany [85]
  • Secondary Skills:
    • Cook [65]
    • Wilderness Survival [60]
    • First Aid [75]
    • Sing [65]
    • Play: Guitar [65]
    • Fencing ( +2 Str/Par Sword )
    • Swimming [80]
    • Electronics: Basic [60]
    • Art (level 1) [45]
    • Fishing (level 1) [50]
  • Weapons Proficiencies:
    • Knife: S+4 / P+4 / Thr+5
    • Sword: S+6 / P+6
  • Hand to Hand : Basic
    • Att: 3 / Critical: 20
    • Str: +2 / Par: +5 / Ddg: +4
    • Roll/Pull: +2

(Bonuses include P.P. & abilties)

  • The Book of Words (Mystical book)
  • The Arcanus Amulet (Stores PPE equal to wearer)
  • The Gargoyle's Brood stone (Gargoyle Golem Summon)
    (An egg shaped, green marble stone. One time use only / lasts 4 hours)
  • (1) Kisentite sword / cane sheath
    • ( 2D6+3 MD / +1str / +2par )
  • (2) Silver knives
    • ( 2D6 SCD )
  • Sachel of Trinkets (Odds n Ends)
  • Small carry set of cooking utensils
  • Various Herbs and Spices (Holistics)
  • Tabacco & Cigars
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fishing Kit
  • 4 separate sets of clothes / costumes


Maus Caje