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Heroes Unlimited / Mutant Characters

Heroes Unlimited has got to be one of my all time favorite Palladium Games. The Diversity and freedom a player has, and the Universe that a GM can make is the best. Although it doesnt have the back ground the other games have, like Rifts, After the bomb, or Robotech, it give the players and GM the chance to use their imagination to a greater degree.

Below are a few of my many characters that I have created using these games. I hope you like them, and feel free to use them as NPCs.

If all you see is a picture, that means Ive either lost their info, or havent given it yet, But a picture speaks for itself right.

. . .

Heroes Unlimited Alien

Name: Thoren
AKA: Will Phalen
Species: Serpentine Atroxian
OCC (equivalent): Mechanical Engineer
Alignment: Unprincipled

HP: 24
SDC: 116
Exp Level: 3

  • IQ: 12 / 12
  • ME: 11 / 11
  • MA: 11 / 11
  • PS: 17 / 14
  • PP: 24 / 14
  • PE: 14 / 14
  • PB: 15 / 11
  • Spd: 25 / 11

(The first set is his natural, the second as human)

Age: 38 (appears 28 as a human)
Sex: Male
Height: 30ft long in natural state / 5'10" as human
Weight: 250 lbs at all times


  • Thermo Vision
  • Double Jointed
  • Prehensile Tail
  • Flight: Winged (Iridescent feathers): 160mph
  • Adhesion
  • Energy Expulsion: Electrical Feild
  • Heightened Sense of Smell
  • Fangs: 1D6 / 2D4

Hand to Hand: Boxing (Pugilism)
4 attacks / +2 dmg / +2 strike / +3 parry / +4 dodge
+3 to roll / KO stun: 20 / Crit: 20 / Initiative: +2

Thoren powers come naturaly to him because of his origins as a species from a tropical world, covered in large trees and swamps. His world was lost when another Alien Race attacked it, he has no idea whether he is actually a sole survivor, cast down to Earth in an attempt to escape. His powers can not be negated.

Thoren also posseses some very powerful technology. One of these devices allowed him to assume the form of a deceased human. The Genomorph implant takes one form of DNA and morphs whom ever it is implanted on into that particular DNA type. In Thorens case, he assumed the form of a deceased military operative in south america, thus he became a body snatcher, assuming the life of the dead soldier, although not a soldier himself.

Thorens Human Hero Counter part.
Thoren not only disguised him self as a human, but found that he still possesed some of his powers in human form. So he became a Human Super Hero as the Black Nemisis.

Heroes Unlimited Mutant or RCC?

Name: Snipes
AKA: No-ko-koro
Species: Fox Warrior
Origins: Born on the isle of the mist (Japan)
OCC(equivalent): Martial Arts master

Snipes was born different from the rest of his kind, he was a White Fox, a cursed child. For most of his developemental life all the other Fox children taunted him and made fun of him. He was forced to live at home alone with only his mother to fend for him, his father too digusted to even look at him left until Snipes was of age to leave home, which in his case came early.

He was left to his abandon on the shores of China, with only the basic nessesities. Never shown the way back the the very secretive isle of the mist he could never return home.

Snipes soon found him self pitted against mobs of human racists and fearful crowds, he should of known he would not fit in. While in his most desperate of state a lone monk, took him by suprise and abducted him to a far off monestary. He soon found out that this was for his own good. They nurtured him back to health, and sought out for a master to train him to defend the monks castle.

Snipes was trained in the feared form of all great Samuri warriors Zangi Shinjinken-Ryu (N&SS) This was to be his life, defending the weak and the good. as the Monks would have it. However this only paid off until in a series of freak events, Snipes in practice with his swords, the head monk of the monestary was killed. Many beleived it was Snipes that had killed him, even accidentally he was accountable to death, so he ran. This landed him in the company of Sher Cabel and company. A mercenary and arms outfitt that defended mutants of all kinds, he was quickly employed by Sher Cabel, (a mutant Tiger) to be one of his personal body gaurds. Among the troop of Gaurds was Enya(below), Percival (a mutant Lion), and Rose (another mutant cat). Although Snipes did not bar the same privledges as the others, being he was not a cat, and Sher indusries had their share of cats, he lived well, very well.
His story goes on as he is divided between the company and his own personal honour.

Mutant or Psychic? (Munchkin?)

Name: Enya Valiant
Species: Mutant Wild Cat / Mind melter
Born into a large family Enya was one of 12, all powerful psionics, and Martial arts masters. She was lost during the great destruction of the world only to be found and raised by a wise old mutant, Percival Valiant. He rescued her from a world that would have killed her otherwise. He raised her to know the ablities of the great masters of Tia Chi Chuan and of the sword. They too were masters of Zanji Shinjinken.