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Ledsoul Studio RX
Creative Freedom                       
Is a Universal Right of all and should be upheld
and enforced by those that take the liberty to use
their individual art.
Choose it, Use it, Hold it up for all to see . . .




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Ledsoul Studio


Creative Freedom...
Have it, Hold it, Use it

I have talent and skill in art, yet no formal education to really boast about. Most or all of this site is run for free, but with that comes those wonderfully ugly popups and advertisments that can deter from my intentions of making a good site. Saddly I find that my work here has to take a back seat to the other costs in life, making it a luxury. So in desparation, Im reaching out in many ways as best as I can. Help me be a better artist and build this site into something more respectful.

(A Great Gaming Community)