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Robotech Characters

Robotech was my first palladium game I got to play and I still enjoy playing it.

. . .

Radley Scott
(RDF Feild Scientist)

Name: Radley Scott
AKA: Felonius
(Feild callsign): Mad Rad
Rank: Feild Specialist
Alignment: Unpricipled
Hit Points: 22 / S.D.C.(Physical): 39
Experance Level: 2
O.C.C.: Feild Scientist
Savings: 1300
Earnings: 2200 / month


  • > I.Q.: 17
  • > M.E.: 16
  • > M.A.: 13
  • > P.S.: 13
  • > P.P.: 16
  • > P.E.: 12
  • > P.B.: 13
  • > Spd.:11

O.C.C. Skills:
> Computer Operation (88)
> Computer Programing (63)
> Mathmatics Basic / Advanced (98/85)
> Pilot: Automobile (91)
> Read / Write Native Language: english (98/98)

Other Skills:
> Computer Hacking (43)
> Astrophysics (58)
> Biology (68)
> Botany (68)
> Chemistry (88)
> Chemistry Analytical (78)
> Pathology (68)
> Demolitions (83)
> Photography (73)
> Wilderness Survival (53)
> Land Navagation (58)
> Pilot: Motorcycle (71)
> Pilot: Mecha Test Pilot - Ground (73)
> (Gladiator / Radar X / Cyclone)
> Pilot: Mecha Test Pilot - VF
> Boxing --
> Gymnastics (Prowl-40 Climb-32)

Hand to Hand: Basic

  • 3 attacks / KO on 20
  • +3 parry and dodge / +4 roll

Weapon Proficiencies:

  • >Automatic Pistol

Mecha: No Use

Vehicle / Weapons:

  • > Hummer Jeep (Statistical Data Not on hand)
  • > Desert Eagle .50 cal Hand Gun (5D6 SDC)
    10 round clip - 4 clips on hand


Age: 27
Sex: Male
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 5' 11"
Land of origin: Moon Base Imbridium
Birth order: Only Child
(Both parents deceased)
Disposition: An inquisitive risk taker.

Has a simple appartment no entertainment system, all except for his Personal computer, wears relatively plain clothes of a casual to classic wear. Enjoying his half dead plantlife constantly revived by unpatented fertalizers, and his many books upon books. He keeps
everything neat and organized, almost obsessively, Clean as his best laboratory. He also owns a pet mouse named Helix. (which died in the passed year as he was changing assignments)

Radley Scott was born on June 7th 1990, although born a citizen of California he was born in space (aboard shuttle illumini) and raised following his parents all over the globe, on sea vessels of many kinds, but mostly in space shuttles and stations and finally in the Moon colony Mar Imbridium, a privilege so to put it that his parents had, being top scientists working for the UEG, everywhere they worked Radley would follow.

From the age of 13 Radley would be there to witness the complete construction
and later destruction of the Moon base. He even accompanied his parents on many trips to the then topsecret SDF1, this being the last place he would ever see his parents again.

In 2009, Radley at age 19, was setting his own goals against his parents will to become a fighter pilot. He was young and impetuous and eager to be free from the restrictions that he had been under with his parents and educators from all the science stations. His last discussion with his father were fighting words.
This ambition would end abruptly as the planet was assaulted by the Zentraedi. Radley was leaving Macross island on a shuttle trip back to California at that time, only to have a 'unscheduled' stop in Houston, where he would learn of his parents demise. Beligerent and angry at the Zentraedi for this, Radley would hold a deep grudge against them for many years all throughout the wars. In the aftermath of the destruction and his being given the choice Radley decided to honour his family by completing his science doctorate and serve to help the sick and injured.

Radley continued his service with the RDF having their full support under the
looming prescence of his parents legacy.







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