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Shadow Run Character

I enjoyed playing Shadow Run, but found its rules a little hard to follow. Here is the character I played. I know with a little work, Showdow Run characters can transfer over well into the Palladium system.

Raiden Cane

AKA: Ar Cane
Race: Elven
Architype: Ex-Corp

    Arcane began his career as a corporate business man with in the walls of a massive conglomerate until he seen what they call business tactics. Leaving any company in the world of Shadow Run can be a big mistake, especially when you intend to start a business of your own. Arcane was proficient enough to gain contacts all over the city of Seattle, and that was his best attribute.

    He began with the establishment of some minor bars. In an entanglement with the law, some sorta set up a rival forced on him, Arcane found himself in prison for a while. This only gave him the opportunity to forge new allies, and he quickly made his way out of prison and started on his way to running one of Seattle's finest entertainment and liquor establishments.

The Character you see behind him is Canes Alter-Ego in the Matrix. Among his abilities was cyber-jacking and several implants that allowed him to survive.