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StarWars Characters

These are my Star Wars Characters. Ive played the game and it was fun, but the rules are very ambiguious and can cause much debate amongst GM and player. However, Ive seen it done and it works well, they can be changed over to the Palladium Side of play. My only caution is that the worlds of Palladium and that of Star Wars are very different, so it feels kinda awkward playing a Jedi in Rifts.

Buak the Jawa bounty hunter














Name: Buak Reil
Species: Jawa
Architype: Bounty hunter (Droid killa)
Buak was a genius compared to his fellow Jawa, he grew up learning quickly the ways of the space relics that came and gone through Mos Eisley, picking up techniques and technology. He was out of place with his own people, rarely seen with any of his Jawa tribesmen, he even decided to take on the basic tounge of outsiders. Buak trived not on the sales of scrap or droids, but reconstructed weapons. His specialty was modifing blasters and other weapons to sell, he was an arms dealer and weapons engineer all wraped into one. Most other Jawa didnt like his dealings into weapons, most of the others couldnt fix there own Ion blaster let alone build one. This never stoped Buak though, always looking into new things.

His real adventure in life though began when he assisted the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett capture an assassin droid, Blasting it with one of his highly modified Ion blasters, ten times more powerful than that carried by his fellow Jawa. This led him into the business of capturing Droids, even Jaba the hutt took notice of his weaponry.

Decommisioning a Droid

My Ewok Jedi

As things go there should never be a stereotype, and I thought that this little guy might just break that Jedi train of thought.
As Ewoks are they dont know much about the "force" but in their culture, magic can be found every where So when Gaffer here discovered he had 'magical' powers he went out on his masters advice to seek out their meaning, He soon found a Jedi master to train him to be a Jedi.